thursday, may 6, 1999 10:20:30 pm

no people

work has been the usual. i sit in front of a computer all day, typing away or pushing around my mouse trying to make an interface look better. and when i'm not doing that, I'm cursing at it because it's crashed for the third time that day.

while i usually get off at around 4:30 to 5:00, i decided to hang around until 7 o'clock and play carmageddon 2 over the network against one of my employers. it's easy to get your mind immersed into such a violent game, especially if you are a big sufferer of "road rage". feel like running into cars, walls, walking pedestrians and barking dogs? then go out and get carmageddon II: carpocolypse now (that's a pretty cheesy name, by the way).

although i've been playing that game a lot more often, it's completely not on the same level of addiction as some other games that I've had. sim city, neuromancer, ninja gaiden, zelda, metroid - those are just a few games that I've been addicted to.

i've come to realize one of the drawbacks of wanting write in your journal everyday: you begin to run out of things to say. I'm not a terribly exciting person - maybe a little eccentric and neurotic. trying to find something new to write about everyday is a lot harder than one would suspect, especially when there's nothing exceptionally special going on.

once i decided to leave, i headed over to jack's (yes again). we spent a lot of the evening playing carmageddon (yes, i believe I've gotten him hooked too) and watching television. i can't wait until the weather becomes more hospitable, that way we (or at least i) can get out into nature more often. i am in desperate need of daily park sessions. i need to go camping. i need to go hiking. i need to be out.

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