thursday, december 3, 1998 08:17:41 PM

it beckons

oh my lord school was boring.

i think i could have had more fun if i gave myself my own dental check up using only my feet.

for three hours i pretended to pay attention to my teacher babble about the difference between asian and american societies. oh man. stick a paddle up my butt and turn me around because god knows i'd enjoy that more (well, i wouldn't really enjoy it at all, but i'm trying to tell you that i don't want to hear an old white guy tell me about the differences of american and asian societies).

after three hours of torture i went straight to work. anita wasn't there. ah well. i'm still going to get paid, which i will not complain about at all.

and so i went into my normal routine at work. nothing really interesting happened until i decided it was time that i visited my porcelain friend. upon arriving at the bathroom door i discovered that it was already occupied. now, if i had anything to complain about work, it would be the fact that there is only one bathroom on the floor where my office is at. anyhow, i am forced to wait. several minutes pass and when the door opens, i'm surprised to find that it's someone i've never seen at work before. i also realize that the fellow didn't wash his hands. we glance at each other while i enter the room of worship to get on with my business.

after washing my hands i leave to go back to my office when i'm confronted by the guy i've never seen before.

ron: hi, i'm new here. i'm ron.
me: er, hey. i'm randall. nice to meet you.
ron: cool. nice meeting you too.

it's at this point where ron sticks out his hand to greet me. uh-oh. my mind quickly flashes back to when he was in the bathroom and when he didn't wash his hands. so what do i do? shake his hand and try to keep my facial expression of disgust off my visage? or do i refuse and thus alienate him from the very beginning?

a second later my boss calls me from her room. i smile and give ron a pat on the back and mutter "the boss beckons!" while i pass him, and secretly thank the forces that be for their saving graces.

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