wednesday, december 2, 1998 10:12:43 PM

look at my scruffy shoes

i went to work instead of school today. i didn't feel like listening to boring lectures. knowing my luck though, i probably missed the most important lecture of the semester.

there was no REAL reason why i went to work instead of school. maybe it's my massive distaste for school kicking into overload, or the fact that i've noticed that my calc teacher has disturbingly long nose hairs. i'm inclined to think that it's the first choice, but the sight of excessively long hairs protruding from one's nostrils really bothers me. now, i'm not saying that it's just long - i think i can tolerate that to some degree. i think it's safe to say that most people do have nose hairs, and that some people have genetic strings that makes the hair in their noses grow longer and faster, so they have to (or should) trim it. but i'm telling you, this guy's hair is SO long that it could be used to clean his desk if he were so inclined to lower his head and perform a sweeping motion across it. but i suppose it's his prerogative. god knows i'm not gonna point it out to him - he dislikes me as it already is.

but now i'm at work and i find that i'm getting tired. i think it's the tediousness of routine. after all, all i really do is sit at a desk and type at a computer all day long. not that i'm really complaining, because i really enjoy going to work. the people here are nice, there isn't a strict working order, there is a somewhat laid back yet productive attitude, and i can come and go as i please. what more can i ask for in a job? hot woman dancing around me 24/7 and a 400% pay raise sure, but i'm shooting for realistic goals.

anyhow, i'm getting tired. so i like to pace myself. as usual, i do a lot of browsing on the internet, which never fails to use up large chunks of time. but even that gets tiresome. you can only take staring at a computer screen for so long. i find myself doing different things to pass the time. it seems like i go out on our office balcony every 30 minutes, sometimes i climb out the fire escape, and sometimes i just hold a cup to my ear and try to figure out what kind of beach the rushing blood inside my head sounds like.

after almost busting my abdomen from laughing too hard at jay's older entries i ended up talking with one of my attractive co-workers that i hadn't talked to for some time. and get this: her name is anita blunt. no lie. every time i see her name on paper i smile while inside my head i go into a maniacal laughter (insert evil muhaha here. why does it sound more evil when people add a mu in front of the haha?). anyhow, we spent several minutes talking about the usual nerd stuff we always talk about (she's a damn cool attractive nerd! how rare) when for some reason i say her whole name and then start to giggle uncontrollably. and giggle more. it got so bad that i had to leave the room because i couldn't stop laughing, and my stomach hurting from laughing too much earlier didn't help much.

i had to apologize to anita about 700 times (really) before she even looked in my general direction. she later confessed to me that it wasn't the first time that this had happened. i sighed a sigh (can you sigh anything else?) of relief. and the best part is not only did i add 17 years to my life, but i also have a date this weekend. i'm going to have to start making fun of attractive women more often.

"yeah nikki, you smell. muhaha."

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