sleepless fury

may 28th

Sky of Dreams

Terrible. I spent most of my day thinking of how soon I could get this dirt off of me. I needed to get my water on, and I needed to get it on quick.

*laugh* The day before Dave came over quite late at night, tapping on my window at about just after midnight. I was about to go to sleep, but was quite pleased that he had come over since I really didn't want to sleep that early anyway. We didn't have much to do, so we played a few games of MarioKart and Do the Dew, and during all this confusion I managed to ask him if I could borrow some money so that I could get my water back on. He nodded yes and told me to go over to his work the next day so that he could "tap the mac" and get the money for him.

And that's where I found myself first during the day. After throwing on a some clothes (after realizing that I couldn't take a shower yet, ugh) I drove over to the mall where Dave worked (and where I worked too, I might add) and walked into the store where he was working. He was talking to a few customers, so I took a chair and waited until he was ready. 30 minutes later (normally I would complain for waiting so long, but hell, he was gonna lend me some money, so I didn't have to deal with banks) he tapped me on the shoulder and we headed towards the ATM machine.

It wasn't a very long walk to the Mac machine, and when we arrived there he asked "How much did you need again?" I replied with "250 bucks, remember?", at which point his jaw dropped. Oh man. *laugh* Apparently last night he thought that I asked for only 25 dollars. 25 DOLLARS? I must have not been thinking properly last night, because there is NO WAY that in my normal frame of mind could I have made a mistake like that! Well, after clearing that up, I merely laughed and thanked Dave anyway, and told him that I would get my money anyhow.

While walking Dave back to his place of work, I spotted someone who I hadn't hung out with in a few months. After saying my thanks to Dave again, I rushed off to catch up with my Clara, someone who at the bookstore with before. Apparently she was still working at the bookstore, but since I only worked Saturday's I never got to see her! Quite a pleasant surprise! We gave each other a warm embrace, and I told her how good it was to see her. She was on the last leg of her lunch break, so after a few minutes of conversation and catching up, I told her that I would give her call so that we could hang out. I also invited her to come over to my house this Friday evening, as I was going to have people over. She smiled and said she'd probably hop over, which delighted me.

After my meeting with Clara I headed over to the bank that I was at yesterday (not my normal bank) so that I could close the account that I had just opened. I felt awkward walking in at first, wondering what I would say if they asked me why I was closing the account quickly, but much to my relief they never asked. They gave me a crisp new check for 800 dollars, and with a smile I thanked the teller, and headed to my bank. Once I got there, I deposited the check, walked out of the bank, headed towards the ATM machine, and withdrew 250 dollars. I noticed how all the twenty dollars bills were crisp (there were 20 of them) while the single ten dollar bill was all beat up and wrinkled. I pondered for a moment why that would be... but only for a moment. The thought of getting my shower was still my first priority, so I didn't want to get sidetracked.

I had called the water authority people yesterday, so I wasn't quite sure at first where I should go to pay for the water bill. My memory caught up with after a few seconds, and I headed in proper direction. Then I caught traffic. Damnit. The unforeseen traffic caused me to miss a few turns, so I ended up having to make a few dangerous u-turns to get to the damn place. And the damn place looked like a shack! From the side the building looked like an old shed or something. Inside looked totally different though. When I walked in, I was in a small room, about the size of a phone booth. There walls were surrounded by the plaques of what I surmise were current and past employees for the water authority. In front of me was a thick plexi-glass window, and above me there was a video camera. Bad things must happen to these people, I though. Looking through the glass I noticed that no one was working inside, at least from my point of view. I was about to step out when a woman's voice boomed over a speaker that was hidden under the video camera. She asked for my address and nature of business, and after providing the required answers, the lady on the speaker told me she'd be down in a few moments. DOWN? I didn't know that this shack had a second floor. Wow. This place was quite deceptive from the outside. How shady.

I paid the $248.49 bill, and trying not to sound desperate I asked how soon would the water be turned on. She smiled and said in less than two hours.

And those two hours felt like two decades.

I wanted to take a shower, and I wanted to take it immediately. When they finally turned the water on (15 minutes late, I might add) I ran for the shower room, turned on the hot water, threw off my clothes and scrubbed my body clean. I don't think I've ever relished a shower as much as I did this one. Never again will I take my daily shower for granted.

And that was pretty much most of my excitement for today. Jacob came over later in the evening so that we could finish fixing up his computer, but after he left, I pretty much relaxed and wallowed in the notion of how clean I felt. A few people called, but we all seemed to be pretty tired, and to my knowledge no one really hung out today. Ah well. I guess excitement and fun can wait until another day.

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