sleepless fury

may 27th

Petty Triumph

Today was not a good day. Actually, most of the day was quite uneventful. But I noticed that as soon as Krys came home, things started to go haywire.

To tell you the truth I can't really remember much of what has happened during the past days; or rather, all my memories seem to be melting into each other. I do know that I've been probably spending good chunks of my days with Jacob. We have definitely been hanging out together a lot more now than last summer.

Hmmm, I'm trying to think of something interesting. Well, the night before I remember that Jacob and I went over to the park at night, to scare a few friends that we knew were going to be there. Which was actually quite fun - sneaking through the trees, trying to be quiet, planning the right time to jump out from behind the trees. Like younger, care-free days. Hmmm, and before that... Oh yes, something out of a horror film. Chris was over with a female friend of ours (who I see rarely, so I won't even bother mentioning her name) and we were actually supposed to go to the park WITH them, but for some reason my garage opened refused to work. Before that Jacob and I did a little "fighting" as to who was going to drive up there, and it was quite obvious that neither of us wanted to. I ended up giving in, but when I told him my garage wasn't opening, he laughed at told me to stop lying.

Funny how life does that to you. When something sounds like a lie, but it's actually true. Or something in that sense. Hmmm, I don't really know how to describe it. Maybe you already know what I'm talking about.

So Jacob and I stay behind, and we test the fuse box, and everything seemed to be working. Unfortunately I also had to go around the house after that and fix all the watches so that they didn't blink 12:00 forever, the consequence of turning off power. The whole time, I was saying things to shade Jacob out like "Did someone cut the garage door opener wires?". I even took my flashlight and started looking behind the boxes in my basement to even further the effect of me being freaked out. He started getting really shaded out, so after I laughed and confessed that I was joking, he calmed down.

Then we went to the park. But I told you about that. Hmmm, I went completely backwards.

So back to today. I didn't do much at first. I woke up at around noon, and fiddled around with stuff on the computer. I noted one afternoon that I was beginning to avoid my computer. Normally that wouldn't be really bad, but now-a-days I get this terrible guilty feeling ever day that I don't update my journal. *shrug* I guess that's the price for starting one. I didn't manage to get many things done - finished a few flash movies, finished designing the new layout proposal for svengali, sang a few wav's. But I didn't complete any final projects.

After getting bored with my computer I went upstairs and sat down on my dinning room table, where two decks of cards sat scattered across its white finish. For the past few days I've become strangely obsessed with building playing card houses. It's weird. You know the same rush you get from competing in a sport you enjoy playing? I got that same adrenaline rush from stacking cards on top of other. How funny is that? And the rush became even more intense when I reached higher levels. Heh. And that final project you saw up there? Believe you me, that was taken after several tries. Hell, I even had another 8 story card house built, but when I turned around to take its picture, it fell down. *laugh* I was cursing and swearing, getting all frustrated. For a house made of playing CARDS. Eyesh, I can get obsessed about the dumbest things. I'm quite proud of having made an 8 level card house though. I don't know if it was worth all the frustration, anger and shaking arms, but I'm proud of it nonetheless.

And then Krys came home. And when she came home she informed that there was no water in the house. All the faucets were dry. The showers didn't work. GREAT. You see, for the past few weeks my father has been arguing with the local water authority over some kind of financial issues, which has resulted in our water being shut off. What the FUCK? I called up my father in Montreal, and he was furious. I ended up having to drive around looking for an open bank (I realized that my water was shut off after my bank had closed) just so that I could cash in my checks and give money to those pricks at the water authority.

Hell. That didn't even work. The only bank in my area that was open wouldn't let me cash in my checks if I didn't have an account at that bank (bastards!) but she told me that I could open an account right away. So I fill out all the papers and I setup an account assuming that I would be able to get money from my checks that same day. Wrong. Damn bitch tricked me. I started getting angry once I realized that I couldn't get my money until Friday, which would have been a total waste of time since I could just wait until tomorrow to cash in my checks at my own bank. I stormed out of there quite infuriated, forgetting to close my account immediately. So I'm gonna have to go there tomorrow and close my account, get my checks back and then cash them in at my own bank, after which I'll pay the water authority people. And until then I don't have water. How FUCKED is that? Not having water. I've never thought there would be a day when I didn't have access to water. Ugh. Just the though of not being able to take a shower everyday bothers me, and I shudder every time I think about it. Ugh. Looks like getting all that shit done right away (so I can get water back) is now my main priority. *sigh* I hate being preoccupied with responsibility.

Hmmm. Now all my driving around sets up another story. You see, while I was frantically driving around, looking for a bank that would be still be open (which you read turned out to be a total waste of time), the father of one of Krys's friends calls our house and leaves a message for someone to call him back about something important. I was already agitated when I came home, so when I heard the message I thought "what the hell?" and called him. I assumed that he had called about the get together that Krys had Friday night, the one where she started freaking out the next morning because all the parents were getting angry at their kids about my father not being here. Well, it turns out that it was this guy who left a message on the answering machine (his name is Tom) that called all the parents and told them that no one was taking care of the kids. After awhile all the parents just brushed it aside after I called them telling them that I was in the house the whole night, and so I thought the problem had been resolved.

Krys had told me before that this guy was crazy, or "not normal in the head" as she put it, but I thought she was just joking around. MASSIVE understatement. First of all, as soon as I started talking to the guy I could tell that he wasn't normal. His talking was all slurred, and he wasn't talking in proper sentences. Then the drunk bastard tried to deny that he had called.

So why did you want me to call you?

Eee.. call you? I didn't call you.

Really? So how come there's a message on my answering machine of some guy that sounds exactly like you telling us to call you about something important?

ee.huh? What time was the left?

*after looking at my caller ID*
4:45 pm, about 15 minutes ago. that's impossible because there were no outgoing calls at that time.

What did this guy think I was? An idiot? Geez-uss. I started toying with him, constantly asking him why he wanted us to call him and what was so important, and he kept saying never to call him again, and that everything was resolved. He eventually started murmuring about me calling those "cock-sucking whores that can tell the future" to help me figure things out. Heh. I was gonna tell him to jerk himself off, but after thinking about it, I simply told him to have a good day (in a snide and belittling voice, of course) and hung up the phone. Ugh. What an asshole.

After that things quieted down. Jacob came over at one point (I put some stuff in his lap top, lucky bastard has a lap top!) as did Dave... Hmm, I was also invited to go out several times over the course of the evening, but I decided not to go out. I wasn't in the right frame of mine to think, heh, and plus if I got all sweaty I couldn't take a shower. Ugh.

Not being able to take a shower tomorrow morning is gonna suck.

Suck it up, boy.

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