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march the 5th

A Waterfall in Unknown Skies

My headache has subsided briefly. I can feel it pounding every once in awhile, but now it's more like a pest rather than a full blown problem. Thanks goodness.

I woke up did my thing and went to school. School was the usual, blah classes, blah teachers and blah subjects. It's a terrible thing that I don't find school interesting anymore... I can't say I've always had this problem. Actually, I think for me, I find school (or subjects) interesting when my teachers are interesting, or at least if it seems that they take personal interest in the students, a teacher that won't mind to help each person individually. When I'm in a class with a teacher like that, I seem to be more interested.

Unfortunately, none of my teachers are like that. Lucky me.

After classes I decided to call my friend Allie on a nearby pay phone to see if she wanted to go with me to have my picture taken. Pictures again you ask? Well, yeah, I needed to take pictures again. The last pictures I took were for my Canadian passport, as that had expired, but I also needed to take pictures for my American citizenship, or naturalization papers. Yep, I've finally taken the steps to become an official American citizen.

Now, you should know that I am damn proud of being Canadian. All my close friends now it, I mean, every time I see someone on television that is Canadian, or I see some kind of Canadian product, or even see something remotely related to something Canadian, I *HAVE* to point it out. But you can't help and deny that being an American citizen certainly has it's advantages, so I decided to go through with it. I'll still remain a Canadian citizen though... The joys of being born in a commonwealth country - I remain a citizen even if I gain citizenship somewhere else! I get to be a dual citizen. Woohoo! I'll miss being called an "alien" though. That was kinda funky, if not humorous.

Anyhow, back to Allie. I called her up, and I was surprised to have actually caught her. Lately it's been difficult to get in touch with her. I asked her if she wanted to go down to the photoshop with me, but she told me she had other things that she needed to do, but if I wanted to I could meet up with her later at out friend Susan's house. She told me that Susan needed to go up to Philly to get her blood works done in preparation for her therapy and operation that she was going to have. I thought it would prove to be an interesting outing, so I agreed to join them.

I meet up with them at about 2:15, after I finished taking my pictures and completing my other errands. My rendezvous with them seemed strange. I walked up to Susan's door, and Allie was standing there. She merely smiled at me, and I could hear some commotion inside. Suddenly Susan popped out of nowhere and exited her front door, not looking particularly happy.

Now that I think about it, Susan hasn't looked particularly happy for awhile, except at parties and such.

I decided to leave my car behind and go with them in Allie's car. The drive up to Philly was entertaining enough. We laughed and caught up on petty events and gossip, and I found out that they were going up to a nearby college campus to pick up a few of their friends. I though about joining them, but then the thought of 7 people in a car that only holds 5 bothered me. I opted not to go.

We got into Philadelphia and arrived at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. We got there without any real problems, which surprised me. Driving into Philly when you don't live there is *no one's* forte. But once we pulled into the parking garage things got REALLY interesting.

We drove in, and I thought it would be a few minutes before we found a parking spot. Now, this damn parking garage was a freakin maze. We rode around searching and soon Allie and Susan became frustrated. Susan thought we would be late, while Allie just wanted to find a spot to park. We drove around not really knowing where we were going, while I sat in the backseat chuckling to myself. For some reason, this one station wagon is still stuck in my mind - we must have passed it about 7 times.

I guess Allie wasn't paying attention or maybe her frustration level was too high, because she thought she could make this one tight turn. Actually, it really wasn't tight, it's that she started turning for it too late. Susan started saying "Uhm, Allie?" while I calmly sat there thinking she would stop. Then Allie said "I'll make it", which was promptly followed by a "bang". Great. Allie didn't seem to mind, while Susan and I freaked out and laughed at the same time.

We finally found a parking spot after about 20 minutes. I decided to leave my jacket behind, which was stupid because it was damn cold outside. Once we left the parking garage, we had to ask someone where to go. They guy told us "blah blah blah" *shrug* I wasn't really listening. Susan thanked the guy, and we started running. I really didn't know where I was running to, but running sounded like a good idea, so I just followed my companions.

We got to the hospital with time to spare. I told Susan, "See? All that worrying for nothing!" She stuck out her tongue at me and smiled. I've always marvelled at her intellectual comebacks. *laugh* Susan went up to the desk, while me and Allie sat down.

Now, Allie and I had been involved at one point, and after our beyond-friendship-relationship was over (it kinda dwindled away to the point where we both assumed we were just friends again) we remained good friends. We started talking about the usual stuff, but then we started talking about the people outside. We laughed at funny looking people, and told terrible jokes. We always seemed to get alone fine. I'm sure we'll remain good friends for a long time.

At one point I needed to go the men's room. Now, it's almost common to see a fully automatic bathroom these days. Almost everything inside was automatic - the toilets, the urinals and the faucets. Granted, the soup dispenser wasn't, but that's not the point. Most everything else was. Well, I proceeded with what is habitual to most people when they have to go to the bathroom. While doing this, I continued to observe my surround. There was only one other fellow inside, so I decided to pay attention to him. When I had entered, he had already finished relieving himself, and was already in the process of washing his hands. He soaped and cleansed his hands thoroughly, which is always a good thing. Then he did the strangest thing. After he was done, he put his hands under the paper towel dispenser. And he kept it there. Just sat there for like a minute thinking that even the paper towel dispenser was automatic. I began laughing real real *REAL* loud. He looked at me and turned red, and just walked out of the bathroom, hands still wet. Poor guy. It's terrible how technology is turning some people into morons. *laugh*

I finished, washed up and got out to tell Allie what had happened. She found it equally humorous and she told me a few of her own experiences with automatic rest rooms. Susan soon came back, and we ventured back to our car and back home.

Today was a pretty good day in my opinion.

Close your eyes and feel the world around you.

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