sleepless fury

february the 18th

Incredible. Four in a row - I'm on a roll.

I decided to write in my journal early today. I have to go to a damn study group for Calc. I hate going, but I gotta go. For some reason I was appointed group leader. Gee, what an honor. I get to have MORE responsibility. Just what I wanted.

Today was a torrential downpour. It was raining everywhere. Hard. Not like hail hard, but hard enough. Even when my car was still the rain would still be PounD PounD PounDing on my windshield. I got so soaked walking from building to building that I felt like it was still raining when I got inside. I enjoy rain but today was too much.

Because of the rain I spent the time before my classes in the computer lab. I did the usual, looked at my website and thought of how much it sucked, then viewed how many people were unlucky enough to pass through it. Then for some reason I went on a guestbook signing craze. I think I signed about 7 guestbooks - and I NEVER sign guestbooks. Guestbooks guestbooks. That's a long word to type. *pondering* Anyhow. It was fun though, going through all those guestbooks that is. I was lucky enough to go through Jane Pek's. Her site is always changing, and I always liked each new change. I can never believe that she's only 16.

I also went to my usual journal stops. James's and Chel's, but neither of them had made any new entries. I can't deny it, I was disappointed, but then again, I have never made an entry almost everyday - besides this week.

It was interesting to look at the screens of the other people using the computers in the lab. My good friend Dave sat beside my station, and he was going through a couple of Phish sites. I like Phish as well, but this man is obsessed. Actually, I find that a lot of my friends are obsessed with Phish. It's hard to deny that they have talent - their jams are incredible.

The guy beside me was typing some report. He was annoying. Not actually him, but when he typed. It seemed as if his space button was stuck or something, so he had to hit extra hard. Either that or he just liked hitting things hard with his thumb. So, as he quietly mumbled and cursed to himself, I would constantly hear constant bang bang of his keyboard. I wanted to tell him to stop and switch to another computer, but when I looked around I noted that there were no empty stations. I dealt with the small annoyance.

Now, the most interesting screen was the guy sitting beside Doug. He was surfing the net, looking at pictures of dead people. At one time there were 8 people around his cubicle. We went through pictures of accidents, road kills, suicides - it was rather disturbing. I think we even saw Kurt Cobain's suicide. It didn't look like him. Then again, I don't think anyone would look like themselves if they shot themselves in the head. There was this one particular picture that bothered me. I was a picture of someone's hand with their middle finger off the bone. They had the bone of their middle finger there, but the skin/muscle/tendons weren't there. It was sitting beside his hand. When that picture came up fully everyone went "eeeeewwww/ahhhh/arghhhhh". I *could* say that someone felt like vomiting, but then I would be lying.

All together school wasn't interesting. I went swimming and pushed myself too hard (I need to condition for my reapplication for my scuba license) and then I played lacrosse right after. I was so tired, so I was getting beat up on the field. I'm always a middy, so I gotta run back and forth the whole length of the field. It was painful. I think I got about 3 cramps. Now, you're probably thinking "you played in the rain?" Well, I have come to the conclusion that lacrosse in the rain is MUCH more fun. We were slipping and sliding all over the place - it was like the ole days of Crocodile Mile. I loved that thing when I was younger. So we played in the rain. Every once in awhile we had to stop because everyone was laughing so hard from a hit. One guy slid into the net. That was hilarious, but I won't describe it to you because it wouldn't sound funny.

When I got home, I took a shower, went to the basement (my room) and cleaned my cupboards. My friend Allie called (who I was once involved with) and she asked if I'd go out with her and our mutual friend Susan. I said yes, but told her that I was cleaning my cupboards. She told me I was weird. Is it weird that I want to clean my cupboard? Shesh. I think not.

Anyhow, that pretty much concludes my day for now. I'm off to study group. Take care folks.

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