sleepless fury

february the 17th

I decided not to go to school today.

I have been racking my head for the past two days about a new journal format for sleepless fury. I'm not sure whether or not I'm happy with this layout. I'm not sure whether or not the latest entry is easily accessible. Oh well. I'll stick with this for now until my brain starts working again.

I had the pleasure of receiving an email letter from Chel Micheline today. A few moments after mailing her letter she paged me as well on ICQ so I'm waiting for her to authorize our "ICQ buddyship". Anyhow, her letter was flattering, insightful and generally pleasing and entertaining. I wrote her back promptly. She's about the only person who has emailed me that I felt the need to respond almost immediately. What does that mean? I don't know. I like her. Very real. Very honest. I believe our friendship could be very interesting.

I've been addicted to this game that I just bought. It's called Evolution, a game put out by the Discovery Channel. Maybe you've heard of it. It's similar to those sim games, like sim city or civilization, but instead you deal with evolution. Isn't that a brilliant description? *laugh* It's a lot of fun. I go around with my T-rex and destroy my opponents. Joy joy joy. I evolved an "elephasapien", a creature that would have been if elephants had evolved rather than chimps. They're great. I love this game.

I turned on the television when I woke up (about 9 a.m.) and I left it on MTV the whole time I was fiddling around with my computer. I couldn't find my remote control and I was too lazy to get up and change it. Besides, it had been awhile since I actually watched any recent music video, and I thought "what the heck". It was actually mildly entertaining. There are a lot of new artist springing up. I guess there will always be. Gee Randall, what a revelation.

I'll be honest. I do not like that group, the one that sings 3 a.m. and Push. What's their name, Matchbox 20? I don't know, there is something that really gets under my skin. Hopefully soon I'll figure out what. I also managed to catch a glimpse of Madonna's new video, Frozen. What a gorgeous video. I mean, the song has to be worked on - I don't find it particularly entertaining - but the video is soooo pretty. So dark, so goth, so lovely. I love it. All the black, the dry, parched earth, the ravens, the sky when it looked like Madonna's floating body was eclipsing the sun... I could watch it on mute and be happy. In fact, the next time I see it, that's what I'll do.

Wow! Not only did I get email from Ms. Micheline, but I also received the honor of being able to converse with her! A highly humorable, personable and intelligent individual, I enjoyed speaking with her to the highest degree. A sweet young lady, her verbal melee was refreshing and enlightening. I hope this friendship will flourish. I believe it would be worthwhile. I'm addicted. *laugh*

Anyhow, today wasn't that terrible of day. All I need to do is figure out a new format for this thing and I'll be able to rest a good nights sleep.

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