monday, june 19, 2000 7:08:22 am


now i'm down to 1 entry a month. that's pretty pathetic. i guess i can blame work. it keeps me pretty busy. or i could blame blogging. it takes up time that i used to use for journal writing. or i could blame my lifestyle. hanging out with friends and family is always pretty important to me. or i could just blame myself. i really haven't been in the mood to write. i'm surprised that i'm writing right now.

i woke yesterday morning in a drunken stupor. shaft was there, and he said "right on."

yea, shaft. i wish i could be just like you. it's my duty to get the booty. solid. so i rolled out of bed and i hit the floor. it's funny how cold hardwood floors are in the morning. it's like the floor wants to suck all of the heat out of you, like a big wooden parasite.

i had a another cigarette this morning. so far i've figured that if you use the equation they taught you in health class, that i've taken 6813.3 minutes off of my life. but that's ok, i probably would have only wasted them anyway.

yumm. einstein bros bagels. what is it with bagels? why is it that every bagel seems to come out perfect? or maybe they just throw away the bagles that don't. the romans used to throw their cripples off of a cliff. can you imagine being a retarded bagel, and getting dumped by some uncaring minimum-wage-earning summer-job high-school student? one minute, you are in the inclusion class. the next, you are with all of the other special ed bagels on a one-way little yellow tart cart trip to the dumpster. maybe some bird will feast on you, gaining some sustenance from your crunchy yet deformed outer shell and chewy center.

hmmm, better work today.

oh, and thanks ryan.

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