tuesday, february 15, 2000 4:11:06 pm

in the parking lot at the tampa bay airport

my room is clean! cheer.

so another valentine's day has come and gone. i found myself forgetting most of the time that it was "cupid's" day, but i guess it's just as well. i contacted a few loved ones to say a happy valentine's day - and someone actually replied. however, it's early, maybe the others just haven't gotten to their emails yet. who knows, huh?

the house has cats. hahah. that sounds like some kind of STD for houses. or something like that. anyhow, alex (a friend of mark) recently moved back to delaware (lucky him, huh? hehe), but he needed a place to board his cats. fortunately for alex, i like cats and the rest of us in the house really don't care. the only person who would complain would probably be mark's girlfriend amy, because she apparently has "allergies". yeah, allergies that conveniently come up when she's just in a bad mood. but that's another story altogether, especially since it's not her house.

well, the two cats have names too! can you believe that? cats with names! hah, such a mind blowing concept. i'm being unbelievable sarcastic right now, even though there is no use to be so. okay, i keep getting sidetracked - their names are alex and geddy (yes, after the group members of rush), and they're probably the friendliest little siamese cats i have ever come in contact with. just one day and they already have their hiding places - geddy, the little one likes to curl up right in front of the door that leads up to my floor, while alex likes to hang around and under mark's desk. i love them already.

i have that feeling in my throat that i'm going to get sick. you know that feeling where when you drink some water and swallow it, and you feel a really light but noticable painful sensation? it doesn't hurt too much, but you know something is wrong. this is probably good for me - i haven't been sick in awhile. wait a sec, good for me? what the fuck am i talking about? i MUST be going insane.

for the past three years (actually, it's probably 5 years, i've just been noticing for the last 3) my body has slowly been deteriorating. i used to be in a lot better shape. i used to be active all the time. remember the days when i used to play and talk about tennis quite a bit? i think the last summer i only played tennis once. pathetic. i think i played frisbee every once in awhile, and i did go on one hike... but that's nothing. i mean, i know that i'm happy being a lazy ass, but i can only sit in front of my television and play video games without feeling guilty for so long. that's it - i'm going to start doing some activity type shit again. i should probably quit smoking too, huh?

well, i know it's the day after, so... happy day after valentines day everyone!

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