tuesday, february 8, 2000 10:53:29 pm

snow.  lots and lots of it.

listening to mr. bungle makes me think. how fucked up can i make something, and still convince people that's it's beautiful? not to say that mr. bungle is fucked up (well, it is, right?) but damnit, i love that shit.

i've been thinking about my whigging out. am i control freak? do i think too much? and why the hell do i remember so much useless crap?

i found out that our file server got hacked. damn, what's with everything getting hacked these days? i mean, i know that my company's server is nothing compared to all those big sites being cracked into, but why? why bother? i guess it's the age of the information wars. is this what happens when a cold war ends? but who knows man, it might be the government itself. i mean, how long has the CIA been involved in all the industrial spy shit? or it might be some other clandestine government faction. people have too much time on their hands. maybe i shouldn't be saying all that government stuff. if i disappear for some shady reason, you'll know why.

i need super glue. i bought some pretty shnazzy sunglasses, but i broke them already. but the are hacked enough that i could probably fix it with some super glue. thus my request for super glue. damnit, mark doesn't have any. neither does roger, but if anyone had some, it would be mark. god knows i don't have any super glue. i mean, why would i need some, right? shit. that's right.

man, i'm swearing a lot these days. fucking shit.

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