monday, january 18, 1999 11:07:33 pm

after the storm

so i'm driving south on i-95 on my way home from philadelphia/ school, when it starts to rain. it had to come down soon, i figured, since dark clouds had been looming overhead all day. lightly at first, with a gentle drizzle patting against my windshield, but eventually the rains fell harder and faster, until it gathered into a full fledged storm. i calmly pushed the lever which activates my windshield wiper down. hard rain, in traffic, on the way home. great.

my dad has this theory that if a person's wipers are moving too quickly (how quickly can wipers wipe anyhow?), the person is probably an unreliable driver. i have this theory that if i listened to all my dad's driving theories, i would be the most paranoid driver in the world.

i passed by an accident on the way home. it seems that the hard rain caught a driver unawares, and while it fell and reduced visibility, she ended up smashing against a tree. killed instantly. several police cars had surrounded the accident scene, as well as several people. i think the driver that had died was actually from the neighborhood where the accident had taken place, which would explain the abnormal amount of people weeping at the accident so soon after it had taken place. isn't that a shame? to die in a car crash in your own neighborhood.

i finally turned up my street. i believe my radio was blaring subterranean homesick alien by radiohead when i realized that my street was disturbingly dark. upon closer inspection i came to find that no house had its lights on, which could only mean one thing: blackout. since i couldn't use my garage opener to open up my garage, i backed up into my driveway and pulled into park.

having no electricity is annoying. especially at night. having no television is irritating. having no lights is difficult. having no computer is bad (yes, i'm a nerd). having to listen to my father tell me bad stories about the philippines that i've already heard is worse. for an hour i cringed and smiled while my dad recollected at the dinner table, while we feasted over a gourmet dinner consisting of peanut butter sandwiches and tap water.

i found that i had nothing to do - lack of electricity at night has the habit of doing that. so i wrote this poorly written entry on paper by candlelight, and then went to bed. i'm pathetic.

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