sleepless fury

may 23rd

Suburban Colony

Hmmm. I didn't think I was gonna write this. But it's amazing what music can do. I was just listening to the radio when that goo goo dolls song that's on the soundtrack for City of Angels, when suddenly I was inspired to write. It's amazing.

The past few days haven't been to eventful. I spent more time being lazy than anything else. I think I left off saying that people were at my house, or something of that matter. From then Jacob and Chris slept over, and we spent the next day (which I believe was a Friday) just lounging around on my deck, cooking a few hamburgers on the barbecue. I know, I know, I'm trying to be a veg-head, but I figure a slab of beef once a week can't be too bad. Jacob put on some tunes, and we glided lazily into the afternoon, without a care in the world.

And after that everything is once again a blur. I managed to go to work, and behold, I had a new co-worker, who didn't know how to use the registers much less. I knew that today was going to be a long day. I thought I could pass the time by sneaking away from the store every few hours and phoning out to see what would was going to happen for tonight. I managed to get away from Pat a few times, but every time I called out to when of my friends, I wasn't able to contact them. My luck wasn't very vibrant today. Ack.

So I managed to lumber on the rest of the day, stocking shelves, and looking at all the new computer books that had just arrived. And that was that. Work was boring.

Oh hold on, I forgot - SUSAN actually came in to see me. You see, I had decided awhile back that I was going to bitch about Susan in one of my future entries, but recently she's been hanging around with us (us referring to my circle of friends) and she has somewhat redeemed herself. You see, she recently found a boyfriend (did I mention that in a previous journal entry? Hmmm...) and had abandoned hanging out with us for a good couple of weeks. Granted, once most of us find a significant other, we like hanging out with them, but to totally and completely stop hanging out with for a few weeks? Terrible, at least in my opinion. But it doesn't really matter to me anyhow. The person I feel really bad for though is Allie. When Susan came home and didn't have many people to hang out with, Allie was ALWAYS there to hang out with her. No matter, what, Allie was with Susan. I think I mentioned that the two were almost inseparable. Well, leave it to a member of the opposite sex to get into a friendship, right? Well, that's exactly what happened. While Susan has been hanging out with her boyfriend, Allie has been left alone. I think she hangs out with Scott a lot now (which is good for Scott since he still loves her to death) but I still feel bad for her.

Would you believe that Blackbird is still in my head? And I'm not sick of it yet. Argh. OUT, out I say!

Oh no. The sun is coming up. I haven't gotten any rest yet. I'm starting to feel really bad about this sleeping late business.

Oh my goodness, I almost forget the best part of the past few days. Well, I didn't have people come over on Friday night, because my sister asked if she could have a couple of her friends sleep over. For some unknown reason, I agreed, and that Friday evening, all those pre-pubescent girls were jumping around not only in my living room, but my whole freaking house. They kept me up for most of the night (not that I was really planning to go to bed anyway, right?) but I managed to pull in a few practical jokes in, scaring them by tapping on all the windows from the outside, and bursting from back deck wearing all black with a hood over my head, howling insane noises to scare them all. Ahh, that was quite fun.

Well, I awoke the next morning to the sounds of my sister and her friends being worried. Hehe, trouble. Apparently one of the parents thought my dad was still home, and when they found out that he wasn't, he went around calling all the other parents, who knew about to some degree, but then they started getting concerned? What is wrong with these parents? Why get mad NOW if they didn't even take the time to check everything out BEFORE letting their kids sleep over at someones house? Fucked up, if you ask me. Well, I ended up having to call all the parents to say that I was taking care of them, so that I could get my sister out of that little predicament. Lucky for her I'm not a bastard of a brother.

Oh man, I keep forgetting tons of stuff. Miriam (who became one of my good online friends) has gone to Pittsburgh. She had become one of the people that I chatted with most on ICQ, and now I find myself missing my conversations with her. Ah, she'll be back, plus she gave me her mailing address.

But how I hate writing letters.

Hah. Also on Friday Chel finally got the birthday present I sent her. *laugh* It seems that she was quite pleased with what I gave her. I sent her a few books, as well as a Adobe Photoshop Manual so that she kind find out all the secrets and tips of her newly acquired Photoshop program. She sent a email to me, saying how thankful she was and that she was going to mail something back to me. That was nice of her in return, although just the fact that presents I chose for her were well received was satisfaction enough for me.

My thoughts are becoming diluted with the ideas of rest and sleep, so I think it would be best if we parted ways.

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