sleepless fury

april 15th

Paintings of White Waters

I'm feeling kinda bummed out today.

My ex sent me an email about how some guy she met through some chat program (I assume it was PowWow as she used to be on there quite often) was talking shit about my site. About how my site sucked and how it didn't consist of poetry, but was rather a mockery of poetry. I think he made fun of my "calamity" poem. Oh well. Maybe he's the guy that's been sending me those dreadful emails. I went by his site, and in my opinion, it was shit. But I asked Chel if she'd take a look at it... she said that besides that paintings (which WERE gorgeous, but not done by him) the site design was pretty crappy. I'll avoid conflict with him, but at least in my mind I've made fun of him. I guess I'm being silly. I'm stressing over it, even though I don't know the guy. Oh well.

Today was pretty productive. Let's see... I went to school, took two tests, and got major information for my research paper. Then right after school I went to a local comic shop, sold a few of my comics and got 140 bucks. That was pretty delightful. I spent a few minutes chatting to the manager of the shop, and he seems to be a pretty nice and genuine guy.

After that I went home planning on taking a quick bike ride around my area. However, my father decided to come, which also led to a tennis game. While biking my father had a hard time keeping up, but it was pretty cool that he wanted to come along. At least he didn't stop biking and start walking up the hills. *laugh*

The tennis game on the other hand was different. My dad is awesome at tennis. He always kicks my ass. Lately I've been able to keep up with him, but today he pretty much walloped me. He had to quit after a few matches though, because his allergies were bothering him, so while he biked home, I stayed in the park practicing my serve. Before he left, he shouted "Damn, your serve is looking really good! I've never seen you serve that well before!". Hearing that felt good for some reason.

I biked home, taking the long route. Why, I'm not quite sure. I guess I wanted to absorb the great weather that was blessing my area today. When I reached my abode I put my bike away, and pulled out the lawn mower. My lawn was starting to look like a jungle, so I thought it was about time to cut some grass. Last summer my grass was looking pretty awesome, so I guess it's time I start working on that again. After all that mowing was done, I poured on some fertilizer. My lawn should look great in no time!

Went in, took a shower, then ate dinner. After that I redesigned a friends website, drew, colored and played guitar. Then went online and surfed. Got that email, and then I felt shitty. Talked to Chel, and felt better. Now I'm talking to Alyssa (who is totally cool) and I feel a lot better.

This journal entry SUCKS. But I don't feel like writing, more like listing. And I guess that's what I did. Sorry folks, hopefully tomorrow's will be better. There's probably tons of spelling and grammatical mistakes, but I don't care right now. Oh yeah, there is that new "stimulus" thing on Fury's cover page. It gives you access to all past stimuli and things of that matter. Hope you like it. Now, I must be off. Farewell.

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