sleepless fury

february the 20th

Today was *almost* normal. It was going to be. Until this evening.

Okay, I did the usual that I did on a Friday. You know, waking up, showering, shaving, exercising, eating and such things of that manner. I went to school feeling a bit better and more productive than yesterday. I was able to think clearly, without a shadowing cloud over my head. I remember looking for that guy (I think his name was Jim) so that I could apologize for snapping at him yesterday. I couldn't find him. Oh well. I'm sure we'll meet soon enough.

In theatre we watched Henry the Fifth. I didn't pay attention. Misty was too busy filling me in on gossip. Apparently our mutual friend Sarah had gotten herself pregnant. I knew from the very first day that I met her that she going to be. It's strange how things you predict so casually end up becoming so.

I think we must have been conversing in the dark for about 30 minutes until our professor finally snapped at us to shut up. I was shocked she actually used the words "shut up". I felt kinda... abused. *laugh* Well, as you can imagine, shut up we did. I think altogether I paid attention to about 3 minutes of that movie. I didn't really care anyhow, I saw it before.

Second class was no fun at all. I don't really know anyone in there. I have to be content sitting in there, listening to my teacher blab on about math that I already know. That is something I find annoying. The only thing that class has going for it is the fact that this hot girl attends it. Unfortunately, she sits on the other side of the room, preventing any real contact for me. At least "coincidental" contact. I think I would look like an ass if I just went up to her. We do make eye contact every once in awhile. Actually, know that I think of it, we make eye contact a lot. Oh man, this is going to bother me the whole weekend.

Well, school finished, and I went home. I got online, and not many people I knew or liked were online so I didn't bother contacting anyone. I wasted a few hours doing absolutely nothing, and I was gonna keep going until I got interrupted by a phone call from Dave. He told me to come over to Max's house where he was playing GoldenEye for Nintendo64. And guess what? I went over to Max's house.

I hung out there for a couple of hours. Max and I fumbled through a short movie clip that he had made while Dave talked on the phone with his girlfriend. The movie clip was of Max just standing there screaming "Oh my GOD!" but without noise. I know, you can't hear without noise, but you could just tell he was saying "Oh my GOD!". Anyhow, we put some camera lens flare filter on it, and it looked really cool. We were proud.

Some people were gonna come over to Max's but I opted not to stay. Plus, it was my friend Susan's birthday, so I wanted to hang out with her. At about 9 I took up and left, thanking Max. I met Susan and Allie (those two have been inseparable ever since Susan came back from New York) at Zest Diner, a little 24 hour diner that some of hang out at. We waited for some of our other friends, and during that wait I feasted on several bagels.

Anyhow, more friends came and they decided we should go to a laser light show in Philadelphia. We all hoped into our cars (except for me, I didn't feel like driving) and we drove like maniacs into the heart of Philly. I thought I was gonna die. But I didn't. I hope you knew that. *laugh*

When we got to the planetarium (I think that's what it was) we bought out tickets and waited patiently for the doors to open and let us in. I sat quietly (which is strange for me) and watched as my friends flirted shamelessly over these people that we hardly knew. Susan was all over this guy named Jon or something. I wasn't impressed with him or with the way Susan was acting. Well, the doors opened and we flooded in. We all sat together *except* me. That's right. For some reason, I, who was already feeling like the third leg in this situation, had to sit alone. I think going out would have SUCKED if it weren't for the fact the the laser show soundtrack was Pink Floyd. When it started I sat back and marvelled.

For approximately 30 minutes, I was truly happy.

The show stopped and life sucked again. I don't remember what time we left (maybe about 2 in the morning?) but I do remember fumbling back into the car and being dropped off 30 minutes later in front of my own car.

I need some sleep.

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