there was once a young man who felt quite distant from the world. he woke up one day and realized he had no idea what he was doing where he was. so with a new found wanderlust, he traveled from one distant land to another, searching for a purpose.

he found many people and many strange places along his travels, but still the journey felt fruitless. he wandered even further, to the distant edges of the world, deep into the unknown, uncertain of what he might find.

and yet again, he discovered new places and met new and interesting friends, but he still felt empty. he decided to turn back home and go back to sleep.

however, on his way home, he happened to pass a fair maiden on the side of the road. she greeted him with a beautiful smile, and he looked upon her with a strange, new and yet strong affection.

"i know you."

"and i know you", she replied.

"in fact, i feel like i've loved you my whole life!"

she nodded in agreement.

the young man was intoxicated. she took his hand in hers, and lay her head against his chest lovingly. he smiled as he felt their souls intertwined soaring into the heavens, and pressed his lips against her forehead, as if he were born to do so. he now knew what his purpose was.