tuesday, june 8, 1999 3:34:34 pm

house, right eye

what a delicious ending. of "hannibal", that is - thomas harris' new book, sequel to silence of the lambs, and possible award winning movie script in the future.

one of the benefits of working at a bookstore is being able to get whatever books you want as soon as they come out. but then again, i guess that would be the benefit of working at any store that sells a product you enjoy, such as cd's, video's, books, sex toys, or whatever floats your boat.

besides picking up hannibal, i also got myself a copy of "reflecting skin". watch it.

i've been concerned with the rapid decay of my mental wit. i'm not sure if it's a type of mental atrophy from not using my brain all the time, or if something i'm depurifying my body with is killing brain cells, or if i'm just becoming dumb as i get older. i'm thinking (or maybe hoping?) that it's the atrophy thing.

i presently have 6 projects looming over my head. i guess i'm going to have to get back to work, otherwise i might get swamped. and hell, things will start feeling like school again. we don't want that to happen. what the hell am i talking about? this job can never be like school.

my work area is starting to become a bit dirty. ahhhh. just like home. too bad we're moving into a new office soon. it'll take me some time to get into a comfortable groove again.

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