monday, june 7, 1999 11:12:09 am

house, middle(?) eye

it's funny. ever since gaining access to a CDr, i've procured more new albums in a week then i would have ever even thought about getting in a year. a few titles added to my collection:

a whole bunch of live phish recordings
phil & friends live recording
trey solo live recording (5-3-99?)
trey's thesis
buckcherry - self titled. (can you hear the obvious influence?)
spock's beard - the kindness of strangers
spock's beard - day for night
porcupine tree - live concert recording in washington d.c.

i'm sure there's more, but i just can't remember them. too bad hardly any of you know some of the bands i'm talking about.

so. things that are new? well, last wednesday day i became an honorary american. this was easily seen last saturday night, when i drank myself silly, backing the notion that americans cannot hold their beer. damn american curse. anyhow. the amount of people at the naturalization ceremony was ridiculous. even more ridiculous was the amount of good looking people there were, which resulted in me snagging a few numbers. the notion of picking up women at a naturalization ceremony humors me.

saturday night was entertaining enough. i obviously had drank too quickly, because i wasn't feeling too hot by the time one o'clock in the morning came around. by 2:00, jack had pretty much passed out, leaving mia and i to entertain ourselves. by three we had cleaned up after ourselves and i was heading out the door.

i find myself wondering about a lot of things. i mean, i've always been wondering, ever since i can remember, but wondering is always different from executing. what if i:

were taller?
were a millionaire?
were white?
were black?
were a female?
still lived in canada?
had died when i was hit by a car?
didn't snitch to my mom about my father cheating?
told her yes?
told her no?
told her one day before?
didn't sent them that email?
lost touch?
gone to the winter formal instead of the jazz concert?
never moved to the US?
never smoked?
never had fallen in love?

do you know what i mean?

p.s. hannibal comes out tomorrow. be excited. we finally get to find out if he had that old friend for lunch.

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