tuesday, may 4, 1999 11:01:37 pm


despite the fact that i slept for eleven hours straight, i was still pretty tired when i got up today. maybe i should cut down on my life of excess, huh?

with school wrapping up and my exams nearly over, i've pretty much only been consumed with work. work, work, work. in all honesty, work really isn't that hard. it's just like school, with deadlines and such, only this time it's fun because it's something that i'm actually interested in. it seems that spending all my free time on a computer and learning html and all about fun graphic programs actually paid off. and all this time my old man thought i was just goofing around. wait, i was. er.

now, here's a question for you: would you pursue a taken person? i mean, would you go after someone that already had a significant other? i guess the automatic ethical answer would be no, huh? well, what if you thought that that person liked you as well? and what if you thought you loved this person? and what if the person's significant other treated them worse then you ever would? would your answer still be no?

after work i decided to do a little exploring, aka not go home. the beautiful weather that had recently blessed us was now gone, so going to the park was out of the question. so, i opted for the next best thing - the borders beside compusa. actually, i headed into compusa first, because it would be the only natural thing for a geek to do, no? besides, i've had my eye on one of those sweet sony vaio's, because they are so damn light and small. having one of those in my backpack would be sweet.

after looking at forbidden treasures (at least for the time being they are) i went over to borders and picked out my usual magazines. time, newsweek, entertainment weekly, print, raygun, heavy metal, maxim, as well as a few extras (all the stuff on episode one). after sipping away my second chai (those things are sooooo delicious), i decided that i had enough caffeine in my blood. i think one cup of coffee would probably be too much for me now.

there used to be a time when i'd always drink coffee. i used to be a coffee addict. but then for some reason i just quit, with the exception of social get-togethers and nightly visits to a dinner.

well, i'm watching the simpsons, plus i'm going to puff soon. there are now three episodes a day on fox in my area, plus there was an extra one today. oh happy randall. i'm off.

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