friday, december 11, 1998 10:58:05 pm


quite recently i've been uttering "words" that aren't really words. i mean, i've always done this, ("hoobe" is one that always seems to be guilty of being used) but lately it has become worse.

for example: today in a conversation with ron (who i've now dubbed pee-boy) we were talking about past relationships when i used that word "mufafa". apparently it was used an adjective, but ron didn't really understand, and nor did i.

"...and it was just like a bloody mufafa..."

ron kinda nodded as i smiled sheepishly, realizing what i had just said. he slowly backed away into his office, still facing me as if i were going to cause him some kind of bodily harm if he turned his back to me, and closed the door behind him.

in other news, nothing cool has really happened this week. hmm. let's take a look back and see if we can find anything interesting.

monday - i ate a bucket of ben & jerry's phish food.

tuesday - bought 600 dollars worth of tires. damnit.

wednesday - someone asked me if i was gay. i told him no. chel thinks that this is a compliment, but i still can't help but feel weird.

thursday - someone reported to my boss that i spend massive amounts of time on the internet while at work. bad news: this is true. good news: i'm leaving this job next week. heh. i'm thinking that it was pee boy who snitched on me. damn that pee boy.

friday, which is also today - handed in my last paper (thank goodness), ate my first cheese steak in two weeks, and used the word "mufafa".

not an exciting week at all. however, finals are next week, and then it's the christmas season. woohoo. several weeks of blissful nothingness. toronto, here i come.

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