friday, november 13, 1998

lost in lights

well. this is the third friday the 13th this year. hoorah.

i'm thinking that this isn't going to be a long entry. i've been writing a lot the past few days, various stories and poetry. i've got a lot of good ideas, but i'm having trouble putting stuff down. i mean, my friends say that they like the stuff i'm writing, but they are friends. they have to be nice, whether they admit it or not. but i'm not buying it.

mr. gregory alkaitis-carafelli wrote me an email. he seems very nice, and very genuine. perhaps we will talk further in the future.

i think i'm starting to push myself now. my days of sleep depravation have re-installed themselves into my system, and i find myself exhausted. i do my homework, go to work, go home, and then do web stuff. i think it's burning out my brain cells. well, that and smoking. hmm, perhaps a connection.

it probably is a large factor. i smoke way too much, probably about twice a day now. and i've been spoiling myself too, indulging my fancy with more potent (and expensive) remedies. i'm still in denial about it being an addiction.

so get this: my father tells me that he needs an operation this weekend for his skull. with his dentist.

it's a funny story really. you see, in the philippines my father had some fucked up weirdo as a dentist, and instead of getting braces to bring his front teeth together, the dentist gave him braces that brought his front teeth apart, thus allowing a fake tooth in between. now, how incredibly screwed up is that? the original fake tooth turned a nice mossy green many years ago, and my dad has since replaced it a couple of time since then. but the reasoning for the operation? seems like his last "implant" or whatever is intruding into his sinus cavities, giving him constant headaches, which is not good, especially in his condition.

however, this sudden move forced me to change my plans for this weekend. sorry sammy.

today, school was boring. the only thing somewhat exciting was work. i did nothing but data entry (fool around on a computer), and stuff envelopes (flirt with female co-workers). i also told my boss that i dabble in graphic design and she is going to bring me on their next project. woohoo. more mad cash for me for doing absolutely nothing.

but tomorrow i have to go to my other job - the bookstore. ugh. and i'm going to be working a nine hour shift. i'm damn lazy nowadays. i think i'm going to give my two weeks in tomorrow - again. i'm sick of working there already (and again), even though i've only been working there 2 weeks since they re-hired me.

i cleaned my room today. you can live in filth for only so long.

oh, i made some stuff and put up a freakin' guestbook. sign it.

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