wednesday, november 4, 1998


hey. randall here.

yeah, i've been good. things are rolling along. it's taking me some time to get used to the fact that i'm living with my father again. he's already told his work that he won't be going in for a month and a half. and i'm already getting tired of waking up that much earlier just to get to school.

this past weekend was kind of busy. for the first time in a long time i didn't work on the weekend, and spent all my free time on myself, doodling on my digital notepad and messing around with a few things on my numerous projects. as you can tell, it wasn't only me that moved, but my site, and the previous version of my journal. i managed to achieve this by purchasing my own domain, which at the time sounded like a great idea since xoom was giving me headache upon headache. don't get me wrong, i'm not regretting that i now own, but if only xoom didn't keep loosing my page, then i'd probably still be there right now.


i remember about a year ago when xoom had this massive upheaval, and they didn't have any of their sites or pages up (except for the homepage) for a few weeks. worst of all, whenever anyone wrote them letters asking as to what the problem was, they never took the time to reply back to any of the emails, leaving so many people that owned sites under them in the dark. i found this highly irritating, and often contemplated about moving my site somewhere else. but this was also around the time when geocities started promoting that dumb geocities control panel thing, and from then on, all the other free websites starting descending into a downward spiral.

so, of all the evils, xoom seemed like the lesser of them all. and for a long time xoom held up to my person expectations. they didn't bring in any annoying pop-up windows, or any stupid watermarks. instead, they just asked if people would add a link, even a text link, back to xoom, which was easy enough to do, and wasn't too intrusive. of course, i never listened and never did add a link back to xoom, but they never caught me (or they just didn't care, i'm not sure) but they were the home for my homepage for a long time.

it's true what sammy said to me a week ago. "seems like the almighty xoom is losing it these days".


gerald and jonathan were cool enough when i left. they helped me with my things (which was only 3 boxes of clothes and my computer - they provided me with a bed and drawers and all that funky stuff) which was real cool of them. we said our goodbyes and i told them i would keep in touch.

knowing me, i'll probably forget about them.

bad randall.


it's weird. coming from total freedom, and going (back) into a place where i've got to follow certain rules. i have to try and attempt to keep my room clean, vacuum on sundays, and other stuff. ah well,i'm sure i'll be able to deal with such *outstanding* tasks.


i've always liked my room. i'll have to take pictures of it one day and show them to you so you can fully visualize what it looks like. i have only a few things hanging up (a watermusic poster, an edward gorey poster, a mirror, and a map of toronto) leaving my room rather drab. i also have my computer tower, my work desk, my queen bed, my sound system, and a television. not too much, but it gets the job done. my room is also across from my garage door, allowing me quick access to my car, should that be necessary. but what makes my room great is my sliding door. and just beyond my sliding door is a small but efficient stone patio-type deal. it's great. so whenever i want to have a smoke, even if it is real late at night, i just whip that door upon and *puff* i can have a smoke. it's as easy as that. convenience can be such a good thing sometimes.

hmmm. my thoughts are pretty random today. nonetheless, it was good talking to you.

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