sleepless fury

july 6th


My title has two meaning I suppose. The more obvious one of my return, and also the end of the earth, the second coming, which is often associated with the second coming of Christ. Confused as to why I would choose such a title? Well, just hold on to your pants, and this entry will reveal what it all means...

Well, first of all, I have to thank all those that stuck around while I was on my hiatus. The constant flow of supporting letters was great, and I thank all of you for sending them to me (and for continuously nagging me as well!). But to be honest, I wasn't really planning on returning today. Maybe I'm not really returning. I've decided that my entries should really contain things that are of SOME importance, or some kind of enlightenment - at least for me. *laugh* Whether or not I follow this plan remains to be seen though.

I decided to sit in front of the computer after Isaac and Jacob told me that I was disappointing readers. I had stopped writing in my journal for so long that I was getting used to thought of not entering in my journal - in fact I still am. I find myself struggling with the thoughts that I want to put down on paper. But I guess today was of SOME importance, because here I am, typing away, like a good little Randall.

Reasoning for my now extended hiatus? No good ones really. I've been bogged with several projects, as well as school (which I got a 4.0 in my past summer class, yeah!) and work. All lame reasons I know, but I couldn't possible fathom trying to keep up my journal as well, when I had all that work to do. So I didn't keep it up. I still have all those things to do, in fact on Wednesday I start a new, more intense job... but I'll tell you more about it next time.

As for Armageddon... Don't worry, it's not about me seeing what I heard was a terrible movie, but rather it's about one of the strangest experiences in my life.

For the most part today was uneventful. Is consisted of me staying home for the greater bulk of the day, just cleaning after the several parties that I held at my house. Yep, for the good ole 4th of July weekend my father left, and I had a few get togethers. Nothing like taking advantage of my father's absence. My house is such a great party house. I guess I can't really explain it. One day I suppose I should take pictures so that you can understand what the hell I'm ranting about. Anyhow, hour after hour I found myself putting away bottle caps, bottles, scrubbing floors, vacuuming carpets, etc. Not very pleasant experiences when you think about it, but something that was EXTREMELY necessary, since I was going to pick up my father at eight in the evening. By the time I finished and put the broom and mop away, the house was immaculate and I had a good hour and a half to bum around before heading off to the airport and picking up my dad. So, I sat around playing my guitar, and contemplating a few useless things - something that has somewhat turned into a habit. I came up with a few things:

- The english language has some ridiculous phrases.
- I should really sell my N64. I haven't touched it in a few good decades.
- I haven't updated my journal in almost a month.
- Radiohead is a great band.
- So many other online journalers annoy the shit out of me. I suppose that's why I don't read many online journals.
- Jesus must have been one ripped dude. Why do they always project his image as a spindly weakling?

Yes, useless thoughts. But I warned you, so... Anyhow, I picked up my father and everything went smoothly. Nothing about the house, and everything about his trip (which I only found out now was to Montreal). I dropped him off in a hurry, realizing that I could only stick around him for a few minutes before I noticed that I was beginning to get annoyed with him. Ah, the troubles of a returning parent. I really should move out. Anyhow...

After a few hours of house hopping (I passed by Jack's, Jen's and Mark's), I finally ended up at Isaac's. His parents were out of town as well, so the usual college activities were going on, except at a much lower decibel level. I quickly joined in the fray, and I found myself pretty much feeling good and relaxed - something that I desperately needed after interacting with my father. At about midnight, I rode off to Wawa (it's like a 7-11 damnit!) with Jacob and Debbie to pick up some food. After not eating all day, I had a serious case of the munchies. Then IT happened. As we were driving, I saw a sudden bright flash of light (everything looked like today's visual stimulus for a second) and then the sky was BRIGHT blue, almost as if it were day time. It lasted for a good 5 seconds, and then it was gone. Like nothing. Just silence as we continued our drive. Except for me SCREAMING my head off. Jacob had managed to snag the front seat in my car, and as the "flash" event happened I could hear him say in almost unison with me, "What the fuck?" We looked at each other, while Debbie started freaking out and asking us what happened. She had seen the flash, as we did, but she wasn't sure whether or not she was just dreaming.

Well, we finally ended up at the Wawa, quickly forgetting about the event that just happened, which happens often when you're in the state of mind that we were in. We were busy scurrying around, trying to find food that we wanted to get. I was quietly waiting in line to order a hoagie, when all of a sudden the lights went out. Everything. Just out, and darkness. The people working were freaking out as alarms started going off, and while we did manage to pick up some food (I obviously couldn't order my hoagie) for a really good price, everything was pretty much chaotic. As we stepped outside, I noticed cars blazing down the dark roads, just driving right through blank stop lights. It turned out that the whole area was affected, and now getting off the main roads sounded like a good idea. We finally made our way back to Isaac's house, and we sat there in the company of two candles, contemplating as to what could have happened. The thought of Armageddon was put forward, and the room went silent.

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