sleepless fury

may 13th

Painted Waterfall

Okay, so I'm cheating. I'm writing this in the middle of friday, but I was just so tired last night that I didn't bother. I'm not gonna write much anyway.

So after two straight weeks of raining, the sun finally comes out today. It was absolutely gorgeous. I was extremely excited when I woke up, and knowing that the sun was out made me feel that much better. Not that I was feeling bad in the first place. I was supposed to mow the lawn today, but never got around to, just because I wanted to enjoy being outside. Plus cutting that LONG grass after all the rain is gonna suck. Ugh.

I didn't do much during the day except stay outside, and talk to several people on ICQ. At around 4 in the afternoon I had to pick up my sister up at her school, and as soon as I dropped her off, I had to go to a three hour summer class. Oh my goodness, it was so long. The only thing going for that class, is the fact that it is World Music, and we listen most of the time, but sitting that long in a chair doing in class just plain old sucks. I had missed the first class since I registered late, and it was equally annoying to ask people that I didn't know if I could borrow notes from them. I guess it really was my fault though. Blech.

After sitting through 3 hours of tedium, I went home, hungry and tired. I had neglected to eat the whole day, so when I was class I sat there with my stomach begging me to get something. I think at break time I must have spend 5 bucks on junk food. Ugh. I'm gonna pay for that later. As soon as I got home I called up Alex to see what he was doing, and he informed me that Chris and Mel both got home today from their respective school (Chris goes to school in Colorado, lucky bastard) and that we should all go out to the park and listen to the waterfall. This would be totally cool, since I had to hang out with Mel before she left for Korea on friday. The fact that she's only gonna be here one day right after returning from college, to go straight to Korea sucks, but she told us that she would be returning after a month. That won't be to bad, and I'm sure I'll hang out with here plenty of times then. Maybe. *laugh*

It was already night when I got home from my class, so it was dark when we got to the park. We had done this plenty of times the year before (a few of us were always known to be at the park everyday last year) so doing this for the first time at night send a whole bunch of memories flooding back. We walked through most of the park, stopping by the waterfall for an hour and just talking. We really didn't have much to say beyond all the stories of how all have us gotten shit-faced, but it still provided us with grand entertainment. Once we got tired (and not to mention soaked, the grass was still quite wet even though the sun had been out earlier in the day) Chris offered that we could go to his house and eat all the grub he had. We literally went over to his house and ransacked his kitchen. What a nice guy.

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