sleepless fury

may 12th

Tunnel Vision

Today was wet, just like the eleven past days of May. I'm guessing that half of the rain this area is going to get the whole year will probably have fallen in the month of May. And frankly, I'm quite sick of it. For the past two weeks I've been unable to do any form of exercise, which greatly bothers me. All the outdoor tennis courts are closed, and I don't have membership to any kind to indoor courts, and obviously the roads are wet so biking is dangerous. Instead, I've been spending my time cooped up in my room for most of the day, and now I can feel a shroud of restlessness creeping over me. How extremely irritating.

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. My sudden rush of free time has allowed me to spend some time on the various projects that I've left unfinished, such as a few of my stories and my poetry journal. Putting any effort into these projects always manages to please me to some extents, but how I still wish I could get out, and that the sun would shine. I miss its warm embrace.

So for awhile it has been consistent. The fact that I keep remembering my dreams when I sleep so late. Maybe it's the sun coming up during my slumber or something, but there definitely is some kind of connection. Perhaps I should start taking notes or something. I have to admit that I have stopped paying attention to my dreams as much as I used to, and instead find myself in bewilderment every time I wake up, wondering whether or not the last things I just thought of were really parts of my dreams or not.

Last nights dreams were as follows. I first remember walking through a giant field of hair, trying to find the crimson gem in order to save the human race from a cursing, eternal sleep. After completing (or dismally failing, I can't quite remember, although I hope I did manage to save humanity) that dream, my thoughts went into what felt like 7 hours of reading ancient scripts that I didn't understand, but pretended that I did. And once I managed to convince the world that I had interpreted these scripts when I really didn't, I became quite rich and successful, which then dripped into my next dream of swimming through dollars bills, where suddenly these dollar bills ended up being tainted with some kind of poison produced by my swimming in them, resulting in the death of millions. Definitely not something pleasant to think or dream about. I imagine I had more dreams, but I can't think of what they may have been about, nor will I probably remember them in the future.

After getting up and doing my usuals I called up a few people, but was only able to get in contact with Gem. She was gonna go to her job interview and invited me to come along (as well as drive her since the back window of her car shattered) and I agreed since nothing better seemed to be inviting. When we arrived at where the interview was supposed to occur, imagine my surprise when I saw that an old acquaintance of ours from high school was working there. While Gem was off being interviewed by the manager of the establishment, Greg (the acquaintance you fool) told me of how he got kicked out of school because of his dealings with drugs and things most illegal. He told me that he was still doing things that most wouldn't deem respectable, but that he was trying to get himself in detox, so I congratulated him on that and wished him the best of luck.

He told me he couldn't think without taking drugs everyday. Poor boy.

After Gem's interview we went over to Arby's to eat. Recently I've been trying to avoid meats, mostly beef, in the hopes that it will help me in becoming healthier. I've always loved to eat salads, but much to often I found myself always hungry even after eating a huge serving. However, my persistence has seemed to be working, because I found myself craving less and less what I've pretty much grown up eating for most of life. My father and mother cooked a lot of unhealthy foods (but damn, they were delicious) and for the most of my life that's how have I've been eating. I'm glad that I've taken this turn, figuring that somehow this may even out the balance with my bad habits. At least in my mind.

Once we finished eating there, the next few hours were a blur. At one point I found myself at Jacob's, messing around with his laptop, and at another I found myself driving over to Jenn's to look for my Cooler, which I thought was sitting in her garage. As you can imagine I didn't find it, even with the help of Jenn's sisters and father, and I was deeply disappointed. I drove home with an unfulfilled promise to my father that I would bring my cooler home, and I've always hated having to go back on my word.

My father took the news a lot easier than I thought he would. In fact, he acted in a way that made me think that he really didn't care. At first he seemed a little irritated, but his mood changed immediately. He asked me if I would drive him to a mall about 45 minutes from our house, so that he could pick up the glasses that he had ordered at out visit there a few days ago. Reluctantly I agreed knowing that I would be meeting with my "regulars" at about 9, when the time was already 7. We managed to go to the mall, get his glasses and return home in under 2 hours, and I was pleased. On the way, we had several interesting conversations, and he seemed most interested and pleased with my recent hiring to a web development team. He told me that it would give me great experience. I told him that it would give me lots of money. We laughed and agreed to both.

I arrived at Sally's at 9 on the dot. The girls were having a "Dawson's Creek" night, and since we guys couldn't think of anything else to do, we decided that we would join them. Hell, Sally even called and left a message while I was out to remember to come over. For the most part it was completely obnoxious as the girl acted like little kids at each turning event that occurred in the show, while Jacob, Alex and I chuckled quietly to each other. The evening closed with Jacob going home early, as he needed to get to work early, while Alex, Sally, Gem and I played a game of Do the Dew, and Kelly and Anne going their separate ways. Nothing really quite exciting, but at least it managed to fill in a few hours of my recently procured free time, that I most likely would have spent on the computer.

I'm such a geek.

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