sleepless fury

may 2nd

Wooden Shadow

My the past few days have been quite boring. Friday was friday. My last day of school. And I didn't do anything. I tried calling up Jack to see if he wanted to hang, but I think he went to Philly and I wasn't able to contact him. So I ended up hanging out with Scott at around past midnight, which really wasn't much fun. Dave came over about an hour later, and we did the usual shit. I don't even know why I'm really writing this because nothing happened. I ended up going home in a state of delirium.

Work today was interesting. I woke up rather tired and irritated. I didn't get better at work. I think about the only thing that was going for me was that I wasn't going to close with Pat, which is something always to be thankful about. Well work went on in the usual dreariness, with me just counting the minutes down. It never goes by fast.

A few people came in to see me. A lot of people were down, I guess because a lot of colleges are down to just their finals, and people are coming back to relax. Hmm, I saw Gem first who was shopping around for shoes. A bit later I saw Alease and Amanda, who both greeted me with charming smiles. I said my greetings back to them and talked to them for a bit, but to tell you the truth, I really don't know them well. As you can imagine, our conversation lost its novelty quite quickly. Jacob passed by near closing time, so that was pretty cool.

At around 8 in the evening our computers went haywire. That wasn't fun. Slowly but surely the line started to grow, and when people realized that the lines weren't moving, people started getting agitated. Usually something like this can be controlled, but since there were only two people working in a pretty decent sized book store, things went crazy. It took a fair bit of concentration for me and Jackie (my co-worker) to keep cool, but we managed to get things down after 30 minutes of haggling with store support. Nonetheless we probably lost several customers, but I guess such is life.

After that things went pretty smoothly. We closed up on time, everything done before we were scheduled to leave (which is an amazing thing with only two people working) and so I set off into the night.

What am I talking about? I was pretty tired, so I really didn't want to hang out anywhere that was gonna be too busy. I ended up going over to Jacob's house and hanging around there until 1 in the morning. Gem and Beverly passed by for a good while, and although we really didn't have any overwhelmingly awesome conversations, we had a good time. I took off at about one, being as tired as I was, and now here I am, veging out in front of my computer. What's new. *chuckle*

Summer shall soon be upon us. How wonderful.

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