sleepless fury

april 28th


Okay, I admit. I'm guilty of not wanting to write in here today. But here I am, doing it anyway. I guess I didn't recover from being "angry" as quickly as I thought I would. Than and my chronic laziness keeps me from doing what I need to do.

Even though I've been avoiding doing certain things, that certainly doesn't mean I've stopped doing everything. I've been working on several shock movies, all of which I'm not ready to show anyone, except for a few select individuals that I feel comfortable with when they shoot down my ideas. *chuckle* And believe you me, some of them have. *laugh*

I've gotten this pain in my legs, more specifically in my thighs. I went jogging during my lunch time, and I suppose I didn't stretch properly. What a bitch. It's a fucking pain to walk around, and almost feels like a struggle to go up a short flight of stairs. Shesh, next time I stretch, I'm gonna stretch.

I recorded about three new .wav files, so expect to see them up in the din in a few days. Of course I won't do it right away - that would break my code of being a bum. They're pretty good though. I've been experimenting with the features of my recorder, and they're pretty nifty. So now I've got a this echo thing going on two of my wav's, while the other one is really crisp. Anyhow, you be the judge on how they sound.

Wow, approximately 4 days of school left. How incredible is that? And I've only got on final. Woohoo! Of course it's math, but hey, it's my dumb teacher, so it shouldn't be too hard. Of course I may be setting myself up to fail horrifically (doesn't the word look strange? It's spelled correctly though...) but my professor said I should have a problem. How reassuring.

Hmmm... I suppose I should talk about what I did yesterday. I went over to Jack's house for most of the afternoon, watching him go around and around in his backyard, mowing the lawn. It proved to be interesting, and Mia (Jack's girlfriend) managed to entertain ourselves by constantly mentioning how fun mowing with the tractor looked, and then bothering the dogs. Did that make sense at all? I suppose not, but hey, I'm not gonna explain it.

Let's get back to today. I'm already tired of talking about days where nothing happened. Oh wait, nothing happened today as well. Er, I guess I'm gonna have to go. Until tomorrow.

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