sleepless fury

april 26th


Grr. I'm just not in the mood.

I'm angry. For no reason. I think I just made myself angry. I talked to my inner-self and said:

"Why don't you get angry?"

And I replied:

"I think I will!"

And oh-ho! I was angry. So now I'm here, rubbing my head and my chin, thinking of why I am angry, and how stupid this must all sound. Ahh, shit.

I woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Vacuumed the house immediately. Fuck taking a shower, right?

Went outside, took a deep breath, and then pulled that damn cord that starts the lawn mower. Ah, the shower room will always be there. So will this grass. But it just won't stop fucking growing.

Got back in, covered in grass, and spoke to a few people on the ole eyeseeque. I managed to talk with Chel, and tried to ask her some questions, but she wasn't in a good mood because something terrible happened to her. I understood, and layed off from being a lame ass.

I did offer to make something for her in flash. She seemed to like that. And I'm working on it.

Pester, pester, pester, that's all my family does. I took several trips to several malls for my sister. Annoying. Then I drove to 2 different pharmacies, then 3 different supermarkets looking for a specific kind of medicine so my dad won't get all pissy. That was okay, because I can understand how being sick sucks shit.

Dadd-e-o sounds funny. He's been complaining for the past few days about getting sick again, and he is getting sick again. He just recently lost his normal voice, and now sounds like dying hippo. I constantly made fun of him because of the way he sounds, and then he stop talking. Mission accomplished.

I have 16 email letters to reply to. Why can't I get off my lazy ass to write these people back? Eyesh.

I want so desperately get away from everything.

Can you believe I still play around with Revolution? I even call it Revo now, like it's a good friend of mine or something. Perhaps I'm going insane.

Merlin was okay. For all the hype it was a little disappointing, but it did prove to be entertaining enough. They must have done some massive editing. Why couldn't they just do that thing like they did for The Stand? Take up like 8 hours? Then they wouldn't have to skim through everything so fast. Ah well.

I want to get out of my house. Argh. But it's too late, nobody I know is awake, and I'm lazy.

Oh yeah, just so you don't think I'm a dirty boy, I took a shower after I mowed the lawn. Nyah.

I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Just really didn't want to think. Plus I'm angry, remember?

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