sleepless fury

april 24th

Textured Empyrean

What a disappointing evening. The rest of the day was pretty good though. Hmm...

Right from the start I was in good spirits. I woke up pretty clear-headed, not under the usual groggy spell that has seemed to be plaguing me each morning for the past few weeks. I quickly got my things together before taking my shower, so I could head straight to school and get the required tediousness over with.

And like that, it was over.

Before I knew it, I was driving away from campus, classes finished and heading toward the the mall to pick up my paycheck. Mind you, it wasn't much - I only worked for 5 hours last week. *laugh* That's not very much at all. But money is money, and I can't really complain about that. Plus, at school a friend of mine paid me back the money that I lent him a few months ago, about 300 bucks. So it was pretty cool depositing all that money into my bank account.

"rows of houses all bearing down on me
i can feel their blue hands touching me
all these things in all positions
all these things will one day take control
and fade out again and fade out..."

street spirit (fade out) - radiohead

That song has been the new song ringing in my head, it's thought provoking finger picking ringing in my mind. Well, I assume Thom or Ed (I'm not sure who actually plays guitar in this song, probably Thom) finger picked it. Ah well. In any case, that song has been repeating itself over in my head for the past few days, after I listened to the bends one way though. And being that Street Spirit was the last song... It's a damn good song too, so I don't mind too much.

After my trip to the bank I travelled over to Scott's house to met up with him and Dave. When I drove up, the two of them where out in Scott's front yard playing frisbee. Heh. A sign that summer is on the way. Yahoo! I joined in for a good hour, where we had our laughs at silly throws, trying to experiment tossing around trees and such things, all a lot of fun. When we got tired we headed inside the house and played a few games of do the dew, after which we were pretty relaxed and tired. Scott decided that he was going to take a nap, so I talked to Dave about possibly jamming later in the afternoon. We ended up deciding not to play because Dave was gonna hangout with his girlfriend for most of the evening.

Since Scott was gonna catch some z's I decided to go home and do some stuff. So much for that. As soon as I got home, Krys asked if I could drive her to the mall. Wait, wasn't I there already? Ah, hell. I agreed to drive her against my own wishes... I guess I was just being a nice guy. Apparently she needed to get some stuff (which I really didn't ask about), so I thought I'd do a little browsing myself. Malls generally make me sick, and since I work in one every Saturday, I try to stay away from them as much as possible, *except* when picking up my paycheck. *grin* Well, what I thought would only be browsing ended up being $30.89 trip. I ended up buying two tapes of Aeon Flux (which I am COMPLETELY addicted to for some sick and demented reason) for $12.95 each, as well as a computer game that was sitting on the bargain table for about $4.99. How can you go wrong with a 5 dollar computer game? Its proved to be well worth the investment. Bad Day on the Midway is an extremely strange yet entertaining game. It involves several story plots, where you can be different people at anytime of the game, and it looks like a lot of fun. I hope I don't finish it too quickly - I have a tendency of completing games too fast, after which they begin to gather dust on my shelves a few months later. I don't think so though - the fact that it's a different game every time you play it will prove to be entertaining enough. As for Aeon Flux, I don't even have to talk about that. I've voiced enough about how I feel about the incredibly weird show. I must say though, I particularly like the episodes where she dies for some reason. Proves that she isn't invincible. *chuckle*

After my little trip to the jolly ole mall I stayed home for a few hours. Scott, Dave and I were planning on meeting up later again in the evening (which usually varies from about 10 to 2 in the morning), but right now Dave was with his girlfriend, and Scott was with my old one. *laugh* Allie and Scott have been hanging out a lot recently. Scott still loves that girl. I wish she'd give him the time of day though. Poor boy. Anyhow, I hung around my house for the most part. I took a few naps, and then Misty came over around 7, and we fooled around with my new game, as well as putting in a few episodes of Flux. She shares as much passion for the silly cartoon as I do. Heheh. She had to take off at about 9, which was cool, since I was gonna go over to Zest Dinner to meet up with Allie and Scott anyway. Misty is so cool.

The dinner wasn't very interesting. I ended up meeting up with Scott and Allie, as well as their friends Ted and Grebs (that's his nickname). We really didn't do much except drink a few cups of coffee. Scott had to drop Allie home, so Ted, Grebs and I went over to Scott's house and hungout on his back porch until he got home. That wasn't very much fun either. When Scott got home he started bitching about how tired he was and how he was going to go to sleep. Dumb ass. He was the one who even suggested that we hangout tonight. So I ended up going home a lot earlier than I wanted to, without even seeing Dave, who I needed to talk to. I didn't come home too happy. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to talk to Dave tomorrow. Damnit, that reminds me, I have to talk to Jack tomorrow as well. And there's also work. Shit. Tomorrow's not sounding good already. At least I'll get to sleep in.

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