sleepless fury

april 23rd

Portal to Zion

I don't think I saw the sun once today. It was pretty cloudy and pretty murky out, plus there was a slight drizzle falling. Not that I'm complaining. It was actually quite relaxing...

School was a pain in my behind. My soc professor was getting on my case just because I'm able to never do any work in his class and get away with it. Hey, is it my fault that he never checks our work? It's not like it actually counts for anything, so why should I do more work than I'm supposed to? I have an A in the class (from the several tests that he's given) so wouldn't that be proof enough that I can get the job done? Damnit, that annoyed the shit out of me. Funny though - when I brought up that little fact about me having an A, he shutup and went on with his lecture... I wonder why he was being a prick today. Usually he's a nice guy, or in the least calm and collected, not having to get on people's cases. Oh well, perhaps he was having a bad day.

Right after school I drove over to Jack's house. It had been awhile since we lasted jammed, so I figured we were long overdue for a jam session. We did the things that we normally did for a jam session, while Jack's girlfriend Mia joined in for a couple of puffs, singing along to several songs that she seemed to be familiar with. It was a pretty good session. By far not one of the best we've had, but good nonetheless. We were able to practice a few songs that we were having trouble with, plus managed to do a few covers that we never played before. Jamming is so much fun. I'd say the only snitch that held us back from having grand jam session was that fact that I had forgotten my own guitar, and instead had to use Jack's, which is a piece of almighty shit. *laugh* When you play the low E string, it plays two notes... I have NO idea how one string can play two notes. *laugh* It really is horrible. I'm gonna have to start carrying my own guitar in the trunk of my car, just I don't forget it next time. God forbid that I should have to play Jack's horrid excuse for a guitar again. *chuckle*

It was feeling a little groggy after our 4 hour session, so I decided to go to the park before I went home and walk around a bit. The park was beautiful as always. Even in the rain and under the cover of gray skies the park still manages to be so pretty and relaxing. Walking around was fun too - feeling the soft raindrops fall upon my head, feeling them gather slightly into small beads and drip down... It was pretty unwinding. I think going to the park and just looking at it was something that I needed to do, because after I left to go home I felt like a million bucks.

Like I mentioned before it was drizzling outside, with a few hard showers here and there, so I didn't get a chance to play tennis or even go biking. It feels strange not to do either, as it's become so regular for me to do either one of them. In the 2 hour frame period that I usually went biking/played tennis, I ended up rummaging through old pictures that I had taken too see if I could find any that were suitable for graphics, or maybe visual stimuli. My search wasn't too successful. I did manage however to find a few cool picture of this wall that I had taken photos of while I was travelling back to Philly from a trip to Toronto. As you can imagine, when taking a 10 hour driving trip, you see many strange and cool things, and this wall was certainly cool. It can be seen off the main highway (shit, I don't remember what it was called, sorry) and it's a painting that takes up a whole side of a supermarket... It's of the ocean so it has all sorts of aquatic references - whales, fish, ships (I think there were two mermaids too) under a dawning sun. It was pretty cool. I'm gonna have to scan and do some funky stuff with it one day. Heck, I might even just leave it as it is, because it looks pretty good on it own. Ah well. We shall have to wait and see.

I think more happened, but I can't remember right now. If I manage to remember later, I'll write it down on a post-it note and tell you tomorrow. Until then,

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