sleepless fury

april 11th

sammyboy sitting lazy

Well. The last two days have been a dizzy blur.

...Briefly glancing at his wall clock, Alex suddenly realized how early it was. "It's only five in the morning? Geez-us", he muttered to himself as he rolled over, pulling the blankets over his body, trying to attain a few more hours of sleep. He rocked back and forth, and rolled to and fro in his bed trying to get comfortable, but after 35 minutes trying to do so, he realized he wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. He rose out of bed and collected himself, leaving his semi-drenched bed sheets behind him as he wandered out into the hallway, apparently headed for his bathroom...

That sounded like the second installment. People enjoyed the last one, so why not?


Nothing of massive importance occurred. I remember driving into Drexel with Jacob in order to pick up Isaac from school. It was a pretty cool drive on the way up. The sun was shining, casting odd colors into the sky and there wasn't heavy traffic. How could anyone go wrong with that combination?

We ended up in the city and Isaac was done pretty quick. He didn't bring much as he was only staying for the weekend. The drive home would have been pretty much the same as the drive up, but we saw a couple of friends on the road, driving back from Philly into our little suburb. It was pretty weird to see someone that lived so close to you in a completely different part of the area. Like one of those weird, mystical fate moments.

Okay, sure Randall.

We parted our ways and I prepared for the evening. Cleaned up my room. Cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. Got what was necessary. And then at about 10:00 pm, people started to pile in.

At one point I walked into my living room and I didn't know half the people in my own house. I guess word got around that I was having a little get together. It wasn't a full out blown problem, but it still bothered me. And they acted rude. They were never introduced, they started poking through my cans and pantry looking for food. I was most displeased, but I ended up finding more food for them anyways. Oh well.

After several hours passed, my get together filtered out into a few good memories. I remember at one point there was Jacob, Isaac, Gem, Julie, Anna, Sally (who was a retarded shit the whole evening and wouldn't shut-up! *laugh*), Steve, Parker... and I guess there were others, but listing them all would be a hassle. Anyhow we were all there, and finally the mood became more controllable and comfortable. Things ended up pretty neat - we had many extensive conversations, funny moments and bouts of movie watching. There were a few distractions but for the most part we all had a good time. I think at one point Debra walked in, but she didn't stay for very long.

One by one everyone decided to leave, and at this point Sally had already passed out on the bed. I did a bit of cleaning up and ended up passing out beside my computer and beside Sally. Freakin' damn blanket hog.


A woke up with streams of sunlight filtering through my blinds into my eyes, a truly remarkable thing to wake up to. Sure, the light stings a bit, but once your eyes adjust, it really is quite beautiful if you take the time to notice. Too often we complain about things that we take for granted, but if you ever stopped and thought about it, you would realize that all of it is beautiful. But enough banter. I woke up and took a shower, skipping my daily exercises. I changed into proper working attire (which today consisted of khaki shorts, a white t-shirt under a blue polo shirt) and with a hop, skip and a jump I was at work. The funny thing is I tried all week to get out of working today. I left several messages on co-workers answering machines, I wrote notes on their lockers, and even called in Thursday and Friday. But all to no avail. I was there, working, beside Dawn's air-filled conversations and under Pat's bitchy attitude and hypocrisy. I managed to muddle through the afternoon and evening without a hitch. My register was on the button, my checks were on the dime, and my mess was the first to get cleaned. I had to help Dawn and Pat to hurry things up, but we managed to actually get out on time. For a damn bookstore, I sure do a lot more work than I thought I would.

I came home and a few people dropped by. First it was Isaac, then Karl and Oliver passed by, followed by Jacob. We really didn't do much. Hell, we didn't even manage to strike off a few good conversations. We mostly sat around the television watching Goonies (which will always be a personal childhood favorite for me) and talking about how stupid some of our friends act. Of course we ordered a pizza, but soon after it was devoured, everyone was gone.

After everyone left I sat downstairs in my room for a long time, doing nothing productive, staring at the non-active television screen. For the most part I sat thinking about how much I'm not interested in anything. Not money, not school, not life, not pleasure, not women, not love, not of anything. I pretty much don't want to do anything right now. But then again, this is something that I'm probably only gonna feel for a day or two, and then I'll become motivated to be more productive.


I managed to turn on the television halfway through writing this journal entry. I flipped around, surfing through the normal station channels, trying to find something that might entertain me for a few hours of insomnia. I stuck "31", my areas MTV channel, and to my delight Aeon Flux was on. I caught it in the middle of the whole run, so I can't record all the episodes, which sucks. I've realized though that I'm quite obsessed with the show. I don't know if it's the strange way everyone looks, or if it's the weird looking environments they're in, or the quite obvious sexual and humourous innuendos, or the shows catchy phrases and philosophies. Whatever it is that keeps attracting me this deranged show, it's finally convinced me to go out to Suncoast tomorrow and buy a few episodes of it. The show is so weird, but I love it!

...If only it could be so...

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