sleepless fury

april 9th

eye in the balance

...Like a thundering crash in a whispering storm, it came to him in the dead of night. Although in what most people call "reality" it took only a few moments to pass, to him it felt like a few millenniums rolling over. In its sudden conclusion, he jumped up from his bed screaming, drenched in his own perspiration, his single call of desperation echoing off the walls of his second story apartment. His mind was still racing as his heart beat madly within his chest, although for what reason he wasn't quite sure yet. Wiping away the sweat that was now dripping of his brow, he exclaimed to himself quietly, "God, what a terrible dream"...

That came to me in a sudden fit of creativity. The beginning of an epic that is slowly unravelling in my mind. Should I post more? You tell me. Anyway, i don't really know why I posted that. Whatever, right?

What did I do today, what did I do. Went to school, got grades back from tests, a 96 and 92. I guess I can be happy with that. Whatever they may mean for me in the future.

Got home. Did some lounging. Listened to music. I couldn't go biking though, as it was pouring outside. Not a hard, obnoxious pour, but a constant, harder-than-a-drizzle pour. It was refreshing, but I still couldn't get to bike.

There were phone calls. There were ICQ conversations. There were emails. And that was that.

I did find myself at the movies later in the evening. A bunch of people went to watch Lost in Space, which was okay. Nothing spectacular. The thing I'll remember most about the movie is when the ship went into hyperdrive, and the theatre was silent for literally 30 seconds, and my friend suddenly has the urge to say "woah" real loud. I couldn't stop laughing at that throughout the whole movie. And then it was done. We went over to Jay's house and the guys flirted with the girls, and the girls flirted with the guys, and nasty words were spoken about people that I really didn't know. I hate gossip so much.

I came home to find that I missed several calls that I deemed important. My temporary pager didn't receive any pages, so I wonder what happened. I guess I'll have to call these people tomorrow. How bothersome.

Chel has not been feeling good lately. She hasn't updated her journal in several days, and for obvious reasons. She's going through a pretty hard experience and I hope things get better for her.

My eyes hurt. Like a little pin poking the back of my eyes. Poke Poke. And it's stinging and bothering me, and making me want to tear my own eyes out. Rip away at my skin, muscles and skull to get rid of that pain behind my eyes. Argh.

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars..." - Charles A. Beard, provided by Julie. a-tank-a-you Jules.

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