sleepless fury

april 8th

fury test

Argh. My fingers feel like bloody stumps. It's really supposed to be a pleasing feeling. *chuckle* You see I just got back from a three hour session with my friends Parker and Mark. But I'll get to that soon enough.

Let's see... how shall we start this off? I guess I could start when I woke up. To screaming ass music. My sister is on spring break so she stays home all day like some kind of barnacle stuck on my living room couch. She literally has become a couch potato, sitting there watching MTV, VH1 and catching up on her soaps. I sometimes wonder if she has any friends - oh wait, she must, since 3 quarters of the phone calls we get are for her. *laugh* She really is a good worker and has become a pretty cool person to have around, but sometimes she can be a lazy butt. I've never known anyone else that was so apposed DOING stuff. She just likes doing nothing. *laugh* Anyhow...

Ohohoh. I like that song by Creed, My Own Prison. That song is real mellow like Indifference with a great tune. Really appealing, at least to me.

Geez, these "Psychic Friends Network" commercials are impossible to escape from! No matter what channel I turn to, they're there! ARGH! They're chasing me. It's like one of those freaky twilight zone episodes where someone from the television is chasing you. Or something like that. Argh, I'm retarded. Just ignore what I was just talking about.

Well, like I was saying my sister was blasting some music when I got up. First of all, if you were on your spring break, wouldn't you sleep in? Eyesh, I know I would. I guess some people are like that. Second of all, shouldn't you be a little considerate about the people that are still sleeping? I wasn't pleased, but I went straight to my bathroom to take a shower.

Ah, sweet refreshing water. I seemed to savour my shower today. More than usual. I always have enjoyed my morning showers, after all, how can you go wrong if you feel clean, no? But today, my shower was particularly pleasing. Perhaps it was the fact that I could take my time and "feel" the shower out. Lately I've been taking my showers right before I need to go somewhere, so I've always done it in a rush. But since I got up early (due to my sisters blasting music) I was able to get this. The shower felt so good I wasn't even displeased with my sister any longer. I said my morning hello to her as I rushed down to my room and get ready for school.

School was not interesting. Not interesting at all.

When I got home I immediately thought about going on a bike ride. The sun was out, but I could see some pretty big clouds rolling in, so I decided that I should get my bike ride in before it started raining.

I immediately noticed that air was pretty crisp out, but I still pressed on pretty hard. Actually, I pushed myself a lot harder out there then I usually did. I think I was on a main rode for awhile, until I got to this park that had a lot of back and hidden roads. It was great, skimming over small creeks and rocks, dust flying everywhere behind me. Pretty funky. And I was still pressing. Hard. The back trails finally led me to a road that rides up into my development, so I decided to head home. This constant biking must be doing me well - my asthma hasn't been acting up recently. Yay for me.

I love my bike. Biking rules.

I was pretty pooped when I got home, so after I took a shower to rid myself of that dried-up-sweat-film feeling that was all over my body, I took a nap. A real long nap. I think I woke up 3 hours later to the ringing of the phone. It was Gem.

Gem was home. Funky. She didn't sound to excited though - her voice seemed monotone and pretty much tired. We ended up hanging out during the evening, but not for very long. Oh well.

I eventually ended up at Parker's house. He's always been a good friend of mine, and jamming with this guy is great. No matter how long you stick to one chord progression, he just plays. Plays and plays. He adds these funkified progressions and goes mad with these crazy solo's. We try to get together as often as we can to get in a few new songs that we're always working on, and the results have always looked promising. I'm sure if we ever took this music making business serious we'd be pretty good. Mark came over as well and we jammed with him as well. He's still learning, so we had to slow things down so that he could keep up. At one point I was singing out the chord names (which didn't sound half bad) with Parker harmonizing just so Mark could join in. He eventually gave up and instead opted to watch me and Parker jam. And we did. And I was happy.

The past few days have been going well.

*knock on wood*

How many times did I use the word "funky" in this entry? Shesh.

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