sleepless fury

march the 26th

A Moon in the Distance

Today was hot. Hot. Hot and more hot.

I majorly overdressed for today, thinking that it was going to get cooler. I was wrong. Well, it wasn't boiling hot, as if it were summer time, but it was so much more warmer than yesterday, and warmer than it should be. It felt really good, but like I said, I majorly over dressed. I had on a t-shirt, a semi-thick black sweater/turtleneck and my black corduroy jacket. Indoors that would be fine attire, as it was still pretty cool at my school and in my house, but when I went outside for more than 10 minutes... eyesh... I could feel a slight sweat forming on my brow.

School was pretty cool. Today we actually learned something new. My Soc. professor was telling us all these neat stories when he used to work at the now extinct General Hospital in Philly. He told us this story a long time ago, but for some reason he felt the need to repeat the story again today, which is fine by me because it's such a weird and bizarre story. Apparently this guy came into the hospital and he was a homosexual, had frequent bouts of depression and had a sexual fetish that went beyond "extreme". Apparently before he and his lover would have sex, he would ask his partner to defecate on his chest. And as you can imagine, his partner could not always produce, so just in case, he kept an extra pile of feces in his fridge. How weird is that? Then at the end of the story my professor asked us what we thought he was later diagnosed as. Some guy shouted:

"A bi-polar homosexual fecophile!"

We all had a laugh at that (even the professor laughed) but it turns out he was wrong, even though he had all the terms right. He was simply diagnosed as NORMAL. Yep, normal. Interesting, no?

After school I headed for apark to take a few pictures of waterfalls and ponds. I took a few that were satisfactory, but after finishing up I ended up taking more pictures of old houses and weird looking trees than of waterfalls and ponds. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

I got home and played my guitar straight, although I talked on ICQ a few times. A strange thing happened though. My dad came home late - almost 7 o'clock. And for the first time EVER I was worried about him. I kept paging him every half hour and called him every hour, but no answer or response. My sister didn't even care, but I started freaking out at 6. He finally called at 6:45 and then all was well. Weird though. I've never worried about him like that before. What can it mean?

I took a short nap late in the evening. And then I started to dream that dream again, but before everything could start shaking, I woke up. Another first. I've never been interrupted when dreaming that particular dream. Maybe what it seems to be predicting won't come true. Good. I'd like to live past the age of 21.

I'm kinda excited. Chel and I are in the process of working out a secret project. It's going to be tres cool. Of course I can't tell you what it is, otherwise it wouldn't be a secret. Hey, I can't reveal EVERYTHING in this journal. *laugh*

I intend to get a good nights rest. I hope to fall asleep at 3, rather than the usual 5. Going to sleep at 5 in the morning has really been kicking my ass.

What could have been running through the minds of those two kids in Arkansas?

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