sleepless fury

march the 15th

Bewildered Thinking

I didn't do anything productive today, except make a bunch of graphics for future entries.

I managed to show my father the damage that Terry did to my car, and he went berserk, even though I tried to explain to him that I had everything under control and that he (Terry) was going to pay for all the damages. It managed to calm him down a bit, but when he went back to his room he was still ranting and raving some unintelligible verbage about the car. He can be so annoying sometimes. Argh.

I basically stayed home all day and just did odd jobs around the house. Most of my close friends were on their way back to their respective schools, so I really didn't feel like hanging out with anyone, even with my close friends that were still here.

Hmmmm, what did I manage to get done? I vacuumed, cleaned up a bit of the mess in my room, oh, and I did fix my barbecue. That was cool, because after I finished that up, I cooked myself a good ole hamburger. I know, not very healthy, but this things were just sitting in my freezer tempting me for the longest time, so I needed to get it over with and succumb to the teasing. It was great. ROAR!

I got online and talked to Chel for a long time on ICQ, joking about love prospects and just basically hanging out, if you can hang out online. *shrug* It was cool. We hadn't talked that much over the break (that is, my break - she still had another week left. Lucky) and it was good to talk to her again. I guess we (or maybe just me) got caught up with the whole "spring break" thing but it was great to be talking again. I can just tell that we are going to be good friends for a long time.

Love can be such an evasive thing.

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