sleepless fury

march the 8th

Earth's Exploitation

So much to write. So little time.

It rained all day. And there was something wrong with my roof, or gutter system. All this water was pouring down like a waterfall right in front of my front door. I got soaked every time I left my house. Not a comfortable feeling - having wet clothes rub against my body. It's ever so abrasive. Argh.

Nothing really happened today at home. I basically cleaned up the house. Did the vacuuming, swept the floor, you know, the usual. Later in the afternoon my father and I put up a mirror in our second bathroom, and when I was done with that, I just sat in front the computer making more graphics for future "visual stimuli". A productive day to a certain degree, but in no way overly entertaining.

After I did my cleaning thing I was able to talk to Chel. We had the usual stimulating chit-chat, but one part of conversation was notably interesting. She had a dream about me. The conversation on PeopleLink went as follows:

Chel       :)
Chel       i had a dream about you last night!

Randall    ?
Chel       i came to stay at your place
Chel       and you were dressing up in some costume
Chel       and your roommate, i think it was a she
Chel       hated my guts
Chel       finally i left

I couldn't deny I was flattered but I also had to wonder what that dream could possible mean. Well, I didn't bother researching it any fashion, as there were too many unknown variables and such - too many things that I didn't know about the dream itself. I'll have to talk to her about it in more detail.

At around 7 o'clock I was going to take my friend Jerry into Philadelphia, but suddenly we decided not to go, as it was raining, plus that family he is staying with (he is visiting from Greece) wanted him to stay home for dinner. We decided we would drive into Philly another day.

I ended up getting picked up by Gem and we went to Julie's house. She's another good friend of mine and she's home from Navy (where she attends for school, damn overacheiver! j/k :) for spring break so she told Gem to pass by. When we arrived Susan was already there and Jacob was soon to follow after us. We spent the night talking and catching up, especially with Julie, since we hadn't seen her in so long. Once it got late, Susan and Gem needed to leave, but Jacob and I wanted to hang around for awhile, so Jacob offered to drive me home.

The rest our stay went into several deep discussions. We talked about alternate universes and premonitions, deja vu and predestined futures, dreams and coincidences. It was extremely and intellectually stimulating. I hadn't had such a massively interesting conversation for a long time - it even surpassed that conversation I had with Gem and Jacob the night before, in terms of my personal interest with the topics. We asked questions like "Do you believe in a predestined future for each individual no matter what steps they take in life?" and "Can ones life be altered by something as simple as a mild conversation with a stranger, or taking a different route to a certain destination?"... We all provided our separate answers accompanied by our reasonings, and I believe that it delivered massive insight into each other's character. At the end of conversation (before we fled into the computer room to take temperament tests) I had an even deeper respect for these two individuals.

Yes, we took those tests. And our results were scary to say the least. I can't remember what Julie and Jacob turned out to be, but I remember that the results were quite accurate, and I ended up resulting in the same as usual: eNFP. After the 3rd time of taking these tests, it's impossible to deny that it's right - or at least in my case.

I left Julie's house in extremely high spirits.

Instead of screaming in frustration, calm down and resolve the situation.

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