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march the 3rd

randall's grave

I'm watching some Egyptian stuff on TLC. Yay! I love the mystery of Egypt's history and mythology. According to the scientist narrating the special, King Tut was murdered by his vazier, Ay. How interesting. Ancient murder and deception for the love of power.

Human flaws haven't changed much over the years.

Nothing spectacular occurred today. I wasn't plagued with that bothersome headache (to my relief!) although my toothache still bothered me from time to time. I really must go to the doctor or dentist to see if it's anything serious. I hope not. That would definitely suck.

It started to rain again today. After a few days of rest, it seems that the rain gods needed to get back to work. I didn't seem to mind today. Rather than flinching under the soft downpour upon my head, I took my time, feeling the wet droplets spill down my brow. It was calming. I love the way everything feels when I'm not sick. Class was boring as usual.

I took my bike down to Bike Line to see if they could repair it. During the past summer I wasn't able to go biking as much I wanted to because my chain had snapped. There went all my hopes of trying to keep a regular exercise. Anyhow, the guy behind the counter seemed to recognize me, saying blah blah about this, and blah blah about that. I believe he was referring to a Dave Matthews concert which I attended last spring, and he recalled seeing me there. I didn't remember him, and told him so politely, but he refused to accept this truth, saying that we had spoken for a few minutes. Weird. Anyhow, we parted ways saying that I would pick up the bike tomorrow evening. I'll probably send my father to pick up the bike as to avoid another strange confrontation with that fellow.

When I got home I took a nap while my father and sister went to Christiana Mall, a mall about 45 minutes from where I reside. I had that terrible dream again, but everything seemed real slow, and every detail seemed to stick out. During this dream I was driving down a road when everything started shaking. I managed to still be able to drive the car, but it was rather difficult. When everything stopped shaking, I crashed into a tree after the woman asked if I was 21. This time though, the dream showed my head stone. There was no epitaph engraved either, which was duly strange. I look forward to the next chronicles of this reoccurring dream. Will there be an epitaph next time? An even more bizarre death? A possible funeral procession? This remains to be seen.

With the strangeness aside, time to look into more pleasing news. I was able to speak with Chel again today. We discussed a possible business relationship in the near future, which would be neat. We both get along and share many common beliefs and philosophies, and I also believe that we are both talented in terms of design and artistic rendering, which is the field that we will explore. This still lies within the near future, but I can't deny that it's rather exciting to have something in my life planned beyond the next week. I am finally gaining some direction.

I spoke to my good friend Jacob yesterday over ICQ. It had been a long time since I heard from him, and I learned that he was coming back here for spring break next week. I was pleased. It has been awhile since him and I have hung out, we will definitely have to fill each other on the past happenings of our lives. He also informed me that a couple of the alumni of our high school were also returning - next week should prove to be interesting. I was planning on travelling to Toronto next week. Oh well! *laugh*

I need to buy a digital camera.

I'm craving for Wheat Thins and fruit punch. Weird.

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