sleepless fury

march the 2nd



For most of the day that's what I was saying. This terrible headache crawled into my cranium early in the morning and just followed me around, pounding pounding pounding within my head. It wasn't comfortable. I didn't like it, didn't like it all. What was worse was that I needed to take a major math test today. And me being the luckiest person in the world, the headache climaxed while I was taking the damn test.

The test was alright, I believe that I should receive an A. If not, I'll be pissed.

I've been angry with Xoom lately. Recently their servers have become unreliable, yet again. I remember back in October, there was a whole two weeks were their servers were down, and they didn't email or inform anyone what was wrong. They managed to solve that problem, but now questions are arising again. I need to get one reliable server.

Besides my headache, today really wasn't that bad of a day. When I got home I went to bed in hopes of removing the ache from inside my head. When I awoke, dinner was ready (which wasn't too bad!) and my father was in high spirits. We laughed and chortled at the dinner table and discussed how we could start re-applying our interests into the stock market. We both seemed quite excited about it.

After dinner, I went down to my living quarters and (guess what!?) went online. I managed to contact Samantha, a young lady who I first got to talk to when I told her that I had linked my site to hers through my "traverse" page. She seemed to be a delightful person, and although we never spoke much initially, we got along quite well. Today put even greater accent on the fact that we could get along. We spoke of things in common (I like asking her about how things are going where she lives, as I used to reside there), of how she liked this guy dave for 2 years and he actually liked her back, and we contemplated on meeting sometime, if I ever got the chance to travel back up to Toronto. She also noted my use of the word "betwixt" in my last journal entry (the 1st of march, you dork!) which was followed with a "forget dave, I want you!". We laughed in amusement and agreed that we would keep in touch. I was pleased.

Then to my surprise, Chel IMed me to speak. Now this was great delight for me, as I had though that she was getting bored of me. She informed me that she had been busy with the garbage reality was throwing at her, and that she didn't mean to be avoiding me. We spoke for several hours despite how terrible she was feeling, and in between barfing periods we consoled and laughed. She even convinced me to join a webring that she was a part of, and I couldn't resist. I was duly pleased.

Today was not a bad day at all.

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