sleepless fury

february the 21st

I got up at about noon. I was exhausted from our trek last night through Philadelphia. And I had to work. Oh yay.

I went down to the local mall where I work every Saturday at a bookstore. I used to work there a helluva lot more, but now that I'm in school, I asked if I could only work there Saturdays. So I'm in there working, talking with people about books and things of that manner, when the big boss woman walks in. How irritating an unnerving. Now, you see, Pat (our manager) is this semi-old lady, with extremely white hair and who is a bit hard of hearing. I don't know how to explain this. Well, basically no one working there likes her. Not the assistant managers, not the associates, not the contingents, no one. So all of us, who were previously working well and quite relaxed, suddenly became nervous. I noticed my co-worker dropping the ball a couple of time when Pat was talking to her. Apparently there were reports that some of us were slacking off, so she came in to check in on us. Thank goodness she isn't intelligent.

After work I wanted to get some sleep, but the call of the computer was too much for me to handle. I got online, and wrote a few letters. Two of my best buds Jacob and Isaac contacted me and told me a happy belated birthday. That was extremely pleasant. At least not everyone totally forgot. If they ever get to read this, thanks.

I also was able to talk to Chel. First, I feel extremely guilty. I told her awhile ago that I was gonna have some kind of link from my site to hers. Lazy ass me never got around to doing it, but you really should visit her website and journal... they are incredible.

Chel and I have been talking more often lately. Talking with her is extremely relaxing and enjoyable... We talk about a lot of things... most notably about how depressed we are and how much love sucks. But today she said something to me that both surprised me and made feel unusually good about myself. She told me how she didn't think I was fake, and how I don't claim to be something that I'm not. She told me I was deep. She probably will never know how much that meant to me, coming from her.

Well, after we spoke I revamped all of sleepless fury, as you can probably tell if you have been keeping up. It was hard, but I think it's worth it. The new layout I hope will be convenient for you, as well as for me. Hell, the original fury was almost up to 40K, so I had to shrink it somehow. This solution did quite nicely.

Well, I'm on my way out to a party. If you're on your way to one as well, don't do anything I wouldn't do. If you aren't, do anything you wanna do.

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