sleepless fury

february the 16th

I woke unusually irritable today.

When I woke up my room was freezing cold. Someone living with me left the garage door slightly ajar, and all the cold air came seeping into my room. That really wasn't bad, but waking up to blaring music didn't help to wake me up on the right side of the bed. My youngest sister had decided that since she didn't have school she could play her music as loud as she could. So, already annoyed I went upstairs to tell her to lower it. I suddenly realized that she also decided that she was going to be extra brave in front of me, and told me off. Did I feel like punching her? You bet I did. Did I? No. I just gave her a glare and her proud face suddenly softened and she lowered her music. I wish I had one of those faces where when I get real pissed a huge vein in my forehead started popping out. I bet I'd look real scary then. *laugh*

I did the usual after that. Did my morning exercises (100 to 200 sit-ups depending on how I feel that day and 40 push ups), took a shower, got dressed and shaved. Got my stuff together and decided to leave for school early.

On the road I found myself behind a slow elderly lady. I couldn't pass her - the thought of being crushed by oncoming traffic didn't sound to appealing today. So, I sat there, slowly cruising at a safe 30 miles per hour in a 45 mph road. Actually, I sat there cursing that there wasn't a different way to get to school. When she finally turned of the road, someone else cut in front of me, who was *almost* as slow as her, but hitched up to a grand 35 mph. I forced a grin and thought "maybe things will get worse". And worse they did get.

I got to school late. About 20 minutes. My professor was well into her lecture, but decided to stop talking when I opened the auditorium room. I walked in and scanned the room for an empty seat, and quietly tried to make my way there. CLomP, CLomP... That's all I could hear, my damn feet CLomPing on the floor. "Please don't fall, please don't trip", I begged myself. Fortunately, I didn't. As I sat down I muttered "At least she could have fucking kept talking..." My good friend Misty (I was lucky enough to find a seat beside her) heard me and started to giggle. I smiled at her and pulled out my books. I hated this class.

An hour passed and I suddenly realized that I had to go to the mall near my school and meet with my sister and father to take pictures. I h a t e talking pictures. Nonetheless, I needed to, my Canadian passport had expired and I surmise that when applying for a new passport, one needs a new picture as well. I got in my trust Volvo 850 and blasted toward the mall. Upon reaching my destination, I parked and proceeded to look for my dad's car. When found it and got in, my dad immediately began to bitch on how I was late about 2 minutes. 2 minutes. My dad must have been having a bad day too. Anyhow, we took off toward wherever we were gonna take pictures. On the way, my sister and father continued on their conversation about the olympics while I drifted away into my thoughts about Aeon Flux, a show that I spent most of Sunday afternoon, evening and night watching.

2 hours later the pictures were taken and my dad had dropped me and my sister back at the mall to get lunch, after which I drove my sister home. We didn't speak much in the car, so I turned up my Weezer CD to a louder, but tolerable level. After I had dropped her off, back to school I went. In class I found myself correcting my professor. He has been making too many mistakes lately.

When I got home some person left me a message on PowWow to check his website. Then he left another message on ICQ. And then sent me an email. How annoying. Did he think that I wouldn't look after his first message? I went, and it was alright, but to tell you the truth, I wasn't impressed. His website is at Am I wrong?

My guestbook is retarded.

I haven't thought of death much today.

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